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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jogathon Warisan 2014 - Winners Photos

 Date: 20 Apr 2014
Distance: 10km
 Women open
 Men open
 Men veteran
 Girls junior
Women veteran

Photos courtesy by Tan Wah Sing, Barefoot Ahfook, thanks

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seremban Half Marathon 2014


17 AUGUST 2014

6.00 A.M.



 (ENTRY FEE RM50.00)
D. Women Senior (19 years & under 35 years)
E. Women Veteran (35 years & under 45 Years)
F. Women Senior (45 years & above)
G. Men Senior (19 years & under 40 years)
H. Men Veteran (40 years & under 50 years
J. Men Senior Veteran (50 years & above)

10KM (ENTRY FEE RM11.00)
K. Women Junior (13 years & under 19 years)
L. Men Junior (13 years & under 19 years)

1. Deaf & Dumb
2. Partially Blind
3. Wheelchair - Sport
4. Wheelchair - Non Sport
PDK / Slow Learner:
5. 13 yrs & Under
6. 13 yrs & above

X. Women Open International (19 years & above)
Y. Men Open International (19 years & above)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Milo Breakfast Day Run 2014 - Check Your Result

7KM runners, view the official results of Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 HERE.

The Return of Malaysia Breakfast Day brought to you by MILO® Ignites Positive Energy in Malaysians!

Putrajaya, 20th April 2014 – More than 20,000 Malaysians from all walks of life gathered in unity to witness the nation’s largest breakfast gathering brought by MILO® Malaysia at Perbadanan Putrajaya.

Back for its second year, the success and evolution magnitude of Malaysia Breakfast Day brought to you by MILO® strengthens its paramount mission in rallying the nation to make the right nutritional choices for a balanced breakfast and to encourage an active lifestyle. The exuberant occasion is a call for action aimed at Malaysians to make right dietary choices for their families and especially for their growing children. 

According to Alois Hofbauer, Region Head of Nestlé Malaysia and Singapore who was present at MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day to support the cause, “Nestlé has always taken the lead in creating awareness among Malaysians on the importance of healthy lifestyles through our promise of ‘Good Food, Good Life’. The return of MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day encourages Malaysians to commit to live healthily through healthy eating habits as well as constant physical activity. I am proud to be part of the brand’s commitment to drive behavioral change in Malaysians through its initiatives.”

A total of 10,000 runners participated in the Fun Run with the 7-km run designed for serious runners while the 3-km run designed for parents and children. “This year, we saw an overwhelming response from the nation as registration was filled within three days! We are seeing many Malaysians adopting the healthy habit of leading a healthy lifestyle starting with a nutritious breakfast and physical activities,” said Ho Hau Chieh, Executive Director, Dairy Business Unit of Nestlé Malaysia.

MILO® took it up a notch by adding a new spin to breakfast with the introduction of Positive Energy obtained from having a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast. Positive Energy is derived from the perfect ratio of nutrients consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats to provide our body with the much needed fuel to take on both physical and mental challenges each day.

Nurul Iliani Ahmad, Senior Nutritionist, Nestlé Malaysia who was at the Wellness Zone shared with attendees an overview of MILO® Positive Energy, “MILO®’s Positive Energy initiative ensures the positive mindset, attitude and behaviour we want our children to encompass in order to take their day on as champions. Positive Energy is derived from the perfect ratio of nutrients consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats in order to energise the body with much needed fuel to take on both physical and mental challenges each day. That perfect ratio can be found in a mug of MILO®.”   

“We aim to drive the notion that the right balanced of nutrients for a good breakfast is vital for a child’s growth and development, both physically and mentally” said Ho. “Families with children are our main target as we want Malaysians to understand the importance of good nutrition and how it positively affects the young into developing and reaching their full potential. MILO® has always been focused on providing solution-based initiatives that aim to address the needs of the people,” he added.

Besides enjoying a healthy and delicious variety of breakfast food, attendees participated in various interactive zones comprising of activities and talks such as the MILO® Inflatable Bungee Cord at the Sports Zone, insightful health talks on the benefits of Positive Energy at the Wellness Zone and lastly the Energy Zone for those who wanted to experience boost of energy levels.  

Throughout the event, local radio DJ and fitness fanatic, Linora Low and Nazruddin Rahman, a local personality entertained the crowd with their anecdotes. Linora was ecstatic to be part of MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day for the second time around as she believes that it is important for Malaysians to be aware of the benefits of keeping a balanced diet and exercise.

“I am extremely excited to be back again for such a meaningful initiative by MILO®. It is inspiring to see Malaysia’s favourite chocolate malt beverage take the lead in contributing to the development of the nation by ensuring Malaysians both young and old practice the healthy habit of having the right breakfast and an active lifestyle.”

"As an advocator of healthy living, we strive to reevaluate how the nation can adopt an improved view on healthy living and start practicing with little steps,” said Ho Hau Chieh, Executive Director of Dairy Business Unit, Nestlé Products.

Ho further adds that Malaysia Breakfast Day is not just confined to the grounds of Putrajaya on 20th April but the cause should be supported from wherever we are.  

MILO® reached out to its tech-savvy audience through the company’s informative breakfast webpage, introducing users and online visitors to the campaign objectives and enlightening them with the benefits of MILO®’s Positive Energy.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Milo Breakfast Day Run 2014 - Top 30 Results

Date: 20 Apr 2014
Distance: 7km (GPS 7.4km)

This is the second annual Milo Breakfast Day Run in Klang Valley and this year it is held at Putrajaya. It had a great turnout (about 20,000 people) according to the latest Milo Facebook Fan page. So you can imagine the traffic at the starting line. Anyway it was a very pleasant speedy race and the weather was wonderful. Super awesome host, lots of entertainment for everyone and a great variety of food to choose from as post-run breakfast. Ah, not to forget, "a drink till you drop" supply of Milo from the Milo truck.

Met lot of friends and it was truly a great Malaysian event to get together for lots of families and running buddies. Must join this one every year!

More photos here

 Men open champion
 Men veteran champion
 Boy junior champion
 Women open champion
 Girls junior champion
Women veteran champion

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Run for Great Heart Charity 2014

Date: 25 May 2014
Time: 6:15am
Venue: Kota Kemuning MBSA Selangor
Distance: 2km and 7km
Registration fees: 2km - RM15, 7km - Junior RM30, Adult - RM50
Medal: Finisher medal for 7km
Contact: 019 310 3333
Closing date: 18 May 2014
Details here

Friday, April 18, 2014

Port Dickson Fun Run N.Sembilan 2014

Date:3 May 2014
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Pantai Cahaya Port Dickson N.Sembilan
Distance: 3.5km
Registration fees: RM20
Medal: Total 300 medal
Cash prize :top 10 winners
Contact: 019-6140275
Closing date: 30 Apr 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Enjoy Petaling Jaya Run 2014

Date: 24 Aug 2014
Venue: Dataran PJ, Selangor
Time: 6:30am
Distance: 11.5km
Registration fees: Junior - RM65, Adult - RM70
Medal: Finisher medal
Cash prize: Top 10 open winners, Top 5 veteran winners, Top 3 winners for junior
Closing date:
Detail here
Facebook here

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Penang Urban Triathlon 2014

Date: 15 Jun 2014
Time: 6am
Venue: Penang
  • Triathlon Distance: 800m swim, 24km bike, 5km run
  • Aquathlon Distance: 800m Swim, 5km run
Registration fees: Triathlon - RM55, Aquathlon - RM45 (additional RM20 for t-shirt)
Medal: Finisher medal
Cash prize: Top 5 winners
Contact: 012-4230661
Closing date: 
Details here
2013 Triathlon top 5 results here

Hope Bolathon Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk 2014

Date: 1 Jun 2014
Venue: Padang Merbok KL
Time: 7:30am
Distance: Walk - 3km, Run - 10km
Registration fees: RM25 (7-15 years) | RM55 (16 years and above)
Medal: Finisher medal
Contact: 03-40502541
Closing date: 19 May or 3000 participants
Details here
Registration here

Sunday, April 13, 2014

KEC Unity Run 2014 - Top 10 Results

Date: 13 Apr 2014
Distance: 7km and 10km

More photos here

 Girl champion
 Boys champion
 Women veteran champion
 Men junior veteran champion
 Women open champion
 Men open champion

Notice the bib number shown and the bib number worn by the figure in the medal?
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