Monday, December 6, 2010

PBIM 2010 - Repositioning of FM Men Veteran Top 15 Winners and Lucky Draw Winners

Written by Secretary
Saturday, 04 December 2010 19:10

The PBIM Committee have decided to disqualify Mandasan Sansuwan, initial Champion of the Full Marathon Men Veteran from Thailand. This decision was made after speaking to Mandasan, whom we have been looking for, for several days which we finally managed to get ahold of him and due to the language barrier, to obtain someone's help to speak with him.

With that, he has admitted that he should not have won the champion title of the Full Marathon Men Veteran category and explained that because of the heavy downpour halfway through the run, he may have mistakenly went on the wrong running route and had went through the Finish Line. Following that, the PBIM Committee will try to retrieve the champion's prize money of RM7,000.

The time taken to make this decision owed to the fact that further investigation was being done. Furthermore, Mandasan Sansuwan lived in Southern Thailand and to reach him was quite a feat as well as the language barrier we had faced together with the wait for the person-in-charge of Championchip to return from overseas.

Therefore, the PBIM Committee has decided to re-position the Top 15 Winners for Full Marathon Men Veteran category as follows:

•1 C10466 PHILIP CHIRCHIR LAGAT KENYA Official Time: 02:45:36 Net Time: 02:45:33
•2 C10347 CHIU CHIEN-HSING TAIWAN Official Time: 02:47:31 Net Time 02:47:27
•3 C10456 JIRATTIGARN THAILAND Official Time: 02:49:33 Net Time: 02:49:29
•4 C10455 PANOM KHANSAMOL THAILAND Official Time: 02:59:44 Net Time: 02:59:41
•5 C10486 ADUL THONGSAMOOL THAILAND Official Time: 03:01:47 Net Time: 03:01:44
•6 C10462 MANAT PAKATHONG THAILAND Official Time: 03:05:09 Net Time: 03:05:03
•7 C10318 KHOR NGEE LEOMG MALAYSIA Official Time: 03:06:46 Net Time: 03:06:43
•8 C10481 PRASQET PHAISAN THAILAND Official Time: 03:14:19 Net Time: 03:14:15
•9 C10382 RAYMOND WAREHAM AUSTRALIA Official Time: 03:17:41 Net Time: 03:17:38
•10 C10435 MICHIHITO MUROI JAPAN Official Time: 03:19:46 Net Time: 03:19:41
•11 C10006 PETER GERARD KHOO BOON TSIO MALAYSIA Official Time: 03:23:38 Net Time: 03:23:30
•12 C10057 LIEW THO FATT MALAYSIA Official Time: 03:23:43 Net Time: 03:23:37
•13 C10484 SABRI BIN SEDI MALAYSIA Official Time: 03:26:01 Net Time: 03:25:56
•14 C10080 LIEW JOON KIEN MALAYSIA Offical Time: 03:30:36 Net Time: 03:30:26
•15 C10067 CHUA KING KEONG MALAYSIA Official Time: 03:33:18 Net Time: 03:33:13

Lucky Draw winners name list here

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  1. Salute to all that Marathon finisher. You guys are simply awesome.

    Is time to enjoy now and take a look at some PBIM 2010 runners pictures


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