Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bareno Run 2011

Date: 13 Mar 2011
Time: 5:30am
Venue: Bukit Jalil
Distance: 21km, 10km and 5km

The day before on 12 Mar, there were two races went on. Larian Wanita at Shah Alam, only 100+ participants and Larian Wilayah at Dataran Merdeka, only 400+ participants. However the following day at Bareno Run, it attracted 5500+ runners, even though the registration fees is much higher. Wonder what are the reasons that caused the huge difference in number of participants.

The event not only attracted outstation runners, IM, triathlete, but also many foreigners. The flag-off for 21km was on 5:30am, which is rather early and 10km flag-off at 6:30am. The 5km was scheduled to flag-off at 6:50am, however it started earlier at 6:40am which caused complaint from some runners. By the time the 5km flag-off, some 21km elite runners already arrived, when the sky still dark. Before 7am, some 5km runners arrived too. It would be better if the race started at 6am to avoid runners ran in the dark without road light.

After the ran, there were plenty of food supply, cendol, tau fu fa, red bean, water, isotonik drink, fruit etc, not only to runners, but also to family members and supporters, which is much friendly than some races where runner need to present coupon in order to get food.

It was a great event with attractive lucky draw prizes, thanks to the sponsors and organiser. Bareno run will become one of the famous event that all runners would looking forward annually.

More photos here

Men open - 5km
Women open - 5km
Men open - 10km
Women open - 10km
Men open - 21km
Men women - 21km
Men jr. veteran - 21km
Men sr. veteran - 21km
Women veteran - 21km
Friends from UTM, Johor
21km medal

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