Monday, July 17, 2017

Penang Run 16 Jul 2017 - Top 20 Results

Date: 16 Jul 2017
Distance: 4km, 10km and 21km

The race route itself was exciting, it starts and finishes in the Esplanade, and we get to run around the streets inside old Georgetown, along Burmah road, across the village in Tanjung Tokong and luxurious homes of Straits Quay, before heading back to the finish line via the coastal road of Gurney Drive.

The profile of the route is quite flat, but it was never dull with plenty of turns and corners, running pass many prominent landmarks of the island.  Lighting along the route was sufficient and despite the many turns, there is always a marshal.

Good aid support with plenty of water stations, and there is even a gel station for the 21km runners. While huffing and puffing along the way, we saw many runners doing their weekend training in many parts of the route, and one come to a conclusion that these should be some of the Penang runners' favorite training ground.  This is important because it shows that such route are runner friendly, and kudos to the organizers for considering this in their route design.

The race seems to cater for all type of runners, nice medal, finisher T, food and support. And for those whom are competing, there are rewards to encourage them with lots of categories and top 10 prizes.

And finally, the usually race stuff, besides meeting all the usual suspects from the north, good chit chat after the race, we had a good time loading ourselves with all the delicious food of Penang.

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