Thursday, March 18, 2010

3R Women Day Walkathon 2010

Date: 13 Mar 2010
Time: 4pm
Venue: Central Park, BU

After the morning Larian Bandar Diraja Klang race, we decided to join the walkathon after resting. We reached there at 5.30pm, just on time for the walk. The crowd was not as huge as expected, it may due to the heavy rain earlier and also lack of publicity.
The crowd was supposed to walk from the Central Park till the shell station, but the organiser discounted half of the journey. A lot of walking banners, promoting women rights to create public awareness. Whistle was distributed to everyone and blowing sound can be heard through out the walk. Glad to see that a lot of men supporting this campaign.
After the 3R walkathon + shopping walkathon, we were so tired.
More photos here
Men in skirt leading the way
Colourful banner
Walking banners

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