Monday, March 22, 2010

Energizer Night Run Head Light - Suggested User Guide

Not all Energizer runners got their head light in advance, only full marathoner got it during the bib collection.
So, how to wear that head light? There are a few suggestions here...

Of course, wear it on the head with white light so that
you can see clearly what is in front of you or...
with red light and looked like 'The Predator'
You may wear it behind the head too...
if you go lower it may look like rear brake light....
If you are skinny, can wear it on your waist
But dun cover your eyes, you may get into trouble
You may adjust the degree of the head light, far
or shine on the nose with white light
or you prefer red light
You may wear on your arm or leg too
But never do this
It look scary and ...
Many runners may be fainted


  1. Ha ha these is funny LOL..enjoy your head light!

  2. hey hey, first time reading your funny post !!! you should post more of such interesting blog in the future !!! see, u get lots of comments liow !!! hehehe :))
    btw, are we require to run with it ar ???

  3. Wear it on your chest and become Ultraman!! He he ...

  4. The organiser has distributed it to 42km & relay runners during the bib collection. For other runners, they will distribute it during the starting line & you must show your bib. Not compulsory to wear it. You either hold it or wear it to run or before gun-off pass it to your friend who is not running, up to you....


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