Sunday, January 16, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

If I were the Green Hornet, I will automate my crime fighting activites by inventing a special 'Cyborg Hornet' called BioHornet7 as my signature crime fighting gadget. 

The eyes of the BioHornet7 will act as high definition camera and video recorder which are able to act as a surveillance device besides serving the functions of intelligence and evidence gathering. The antena will complement to be used to transmit images and message back to the control centre. The wings will provide arial mobility, for they are strong, robust and easily maneuverable to follow or chase after opponents. The stinger shall act as a defence weapon that discharges tranquilising agents to stunt or put out the aggresive opponents where necessary.

The legs of Biohornet7 are strong enough to attach ifself on the target opponents and capable of transforming the hornet into a mobile tracking device which can send its GPS location through a secured signal back to control centre via the antena.

Biohornet7 main body has the ability to camouflage itself to imitate the environment so that it can remain stealth.  In addition it has a resilient body shell that is durable to all kind of environment, and it is also amphibious.  Each Biohornet7 is genetically engineered and uniquely built with a nanocomputer that has been programmed with artificial intelligence based software.

Finally where necessary, they can act a self destruct in the form of a suicide bomber to cripple and destroy dangerous enemy's weapon.

And  they look something nasty like THIS!! hahaha....


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