Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Magnolia Sherbet A Day, Keeps Me Happy and Healthy In Many Ways!

Hunting for Magnolia Sherbet.
It's easy and straight forward, just walk into the Mesra Kedai at Petaling Jaya.

Look for this sign, you will not miss it.
 Yes, it 'Lift your senses'

There are four types of flavour,
1. Marvellous - Mangosteen
2. Luscious - Lychee
3. Delightful - Orange
4. Magnificent - Melon

The fridge is full of SHERBETs!!!
As many as you want

But only managed to find 3 flavours, can't find LYCHEE!
Must be everybody favourite

The staff likes Sherbet too, so he wanted to take a picture with it.

This is my favourite, MARVELLOUS MANGOSTEEN!

How does it look like? Be patient ....

Patient la... is coming....


The surface covered with a layer of crystal ice.

It's looks coooooool. Like a piece of art.
Purple Rings look like spining Gasing
So how to eat it? With hand?

Of course not, it comes with a spoon,
hiding behind the cover

Have to eat it in artistic way too.
Start from the middle, follow the purple rings

Slow and steady, to avoid messing up the master piece

Slowly dig in as though as looking for treasure.

Without realising, the Sherbet is disappearing fast...
So, how does it taste?
Only one word 'SPEECHLESS'!
You need to taste it yourselves to feel the 'Yumminess'
A dessert that you definitely deserve after a long hard working day

Only one mouth left, will keep for....

my pet, Coffee! She likes it very much.

Anymore? She asked...

Hmmm, I want some more

Meow.... Are you listening to me?
I want some more...

Usually after swimming,
(I'm coming! Don't finish my Sherbet....)


and cycling, then mum only allow me to have my favourite ice-cream,
as I need to control my weight

Now with Sherbet which is without the heaviness of a full-dairy ice cream,
I can have it any time I like without feeling guilty.
I still feel as fit as usual.

What should I do with the empty container
 to avoid it being dump into recycle bin?
To house a fish?
Definately not, it is too small!

But it is perfect to house a plant.
To light up and green up my room!

A Magnolia Sherbet A Day, Keeps Me Happy and Healthy In Many Ways!

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