Monday, February 7, 2011

Token Bikezooka Series 2011

In 2011, MTBers will be greeted with a whole new racing classification under the TOKEN Challenge Bikezooka Series. Riders will be placed in different categories based on their abilities instead of age. Fair and just, racers will be racing alongside racers with similar abilities. By placing riders into different categories, it allows competitive racing and understanding their abilities better.

Venue: Rubber Research Institute (RRI), Sg. Buloh
Date and Schedule:
1) March 6th - XC
2) May 8th - Endurance
3) July 3rd - XC
4) Sept 18th - XC
Registration fees: XC Mass: RM 60; Endurance: RM 70, Add. RM10 if reg on event date

Closing date: 7 days before each event date

Details here

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