Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kejohanan Olahraga Tertutup Kebangsaan KOAM 2011 - Official Result!

Hopefully MAAU seriously plan a proper programme that
could enhance athletes performance to break KOAM and notional
 records as some records achieved in 20 yrs to 40 yrs ago 
still remain unchanged.
Full details result here


  1. Totally agreed, M Ramachandran record has been there untouch for 17 years and the current result is a far cry from it...

    Blame it on the distorted capitalism in Malaysia!

  2. Worst still we can still see the name of Shahruddin and Teoh Boon Lim in the ranks. What happen to our young athlete?

  3. Wah, record achieved by Dr. Jegathasan in 1968 in 200m still untouchable......


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