Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mizuno Wave Hitogami

The Hitogami is Mizuno’s latest racing shoes that is suppose to be the replacement for the Musha and Ronin models. I do have a pair of Wave Ronin, which was a wonderful racing shoes. And when I first read about it late last year I was really looking forward to try them out.

After a few sessions of tryout on the shoes (both in training and actual racing) I must say that I am quite impressed with the outcome. I think that many whom has experience with the Musha and Ronin will agree with me that the Hitogami is not just a replacement , but also packed in with plenty of improvement after combining the goodies from both of its predecessors.

Being one of the lightest among the Mizuno Wave lineups, the Hitogami weighs in at about 8oz in men’s size 9.

The platform measurement  has a stack height of 23mm heel – 14mm forefoot, which can be translated to a 9 mm heel to toe offset. Those who like racing shoes but dislike the 'too flat' feeling will definitely appreciate this.

The Hitogami is designed with a breathable and cool air mesh uppers which allows it to maintain a high level of breathability and this is very helpful to keep the foot cool and airy.

The Hitogami comes with Mizuno's new cushioning compound called U4ic where the midsole foam provides fantastic lightweight cushioning. Even though I find them a bit noisy when I make my landing but the cushion proves to be providing great support.

The sole is made out of X-10; which  is a durable solid rubber compound that are placed in areas that receive the most impact to help prolong the life of the shoe and improve traction.

In terms of design and aesthetics, this racer reminds me very much of the traditional Japanese racing flats that is built on fast, low-slung ride. There isn't any pronation support feature seen anywhere in this shoe at all, but all the time when I ran in them, I am quite happy with their stability.

The name Hitogami takes its inspiration from Japanese Kabuki theatre. Hitogami means Human God - human (hito) and gods(gami) in Japanese. And in the opera, the Kabuki actors don face paint to transform themselves into Hitogami.

And I am sure you will agree with me that its a cool name, I read from somewhere that the idea of transforming an average person..i.e. a teacher, an accountant or even chef into a speedy god in a road race over the weekend. Sounds familiar?

In simple words  the Mizuno Wave Hitogami is a shoe that's light, low and stable. It makes you want to run fast, which makes it a perfect choice for racing or fast training days.


  1. What is the price tag for Hitogami?

  2. Hitogami 3 is available at World of Sport outlets, price RM489


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