Saturday, November 26, 2011

Larian Morib 2011 - Top 10 Official Results

Date: 26 Nov 2011
Time: 8am
Venue: Dataran Pantai Morib
Distance: 5km (Women Vet), 7km(Women Open & Jr), 9km (Men Vet) and 12km (Men Open & Jr)

This event was opened to Selangor residences only and surprisingly there were 400+ participants that joined in this event. The event started at 8am and the weather was hot. Runners were roasted when coming back especially for men open who have to run 12km under hot sun as they were the last category to flag-off.

Although the route were scenic along the Morib shoreline, there were stray dogs present.  This has caused runners to run faster or runners stopped to wait for others. Water stations were sufficient, signage were cleared, marshalls were friendly, prizes presentation was smooth, cash distribution was efficient and there were 50 lucky draw prizes. Well done to the organizer.

Next year, the organizer promises to organize a bigger event and open to all Malaysian. Hopefully there will provide medal too, even though limited medals.

More photos here

Semenyeh Top Runners
After  the run

Newlywed  couple was there too
Men open 12km
Men veteran 9km
Boy juniors 12km
Women open 7km
Girls junior 7km
Women veteran 5km
Men veteran top 10
Women veteran top 10
Boys junior top 10
Girls junior top 10
Women open top 10
Men open top 10
Pantai Morib
Nice view

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