Monday, May 20, 2013

GOMEB: The New Skechers GOrun SPEED.

A race-day shoe designed for an Olympian?

The Skechers GOrun Speed is THE shoe that was designed for and worn by Meb Keflezhighi during the 2012 London Summers Olympic.

I read about GOrun Speed also known as GOMEB last year, just about 2 weeks before the Olympics 2012 marathon and have been waiting for their arrival, but they were not made available to the public until recently.  When I first got them in my hand last Friday, the first thing I noticed is that they are totally different from any of the other Skechers running shoes I have ever tried on.

First of all, these shoes are designed with racing in mind.  They are made based on a narrow last which you usually find in common racing flats or track spikes. They have very firm cushioning and a profile of 4 mm drop. And they are very light too. I was informed their weights are 7.5 oz (men’s 9) and 5.8 oz (women’s 6).

And the material used to make to uppers will definitely please those whom favor thin and breathable uppers. The GOrun Speed seamless upper with microfiber lining are not as stretchy as those found in most Skechers trainers. With the narrow last design, the snug-fitting shoe wraps around your entire feet like a glove.

The sole of the GOrun Speed has been 'stiffened-up' by some kind of carbon fiber stability plate in the midfoot to provide a supportive and secure run.  Remain unchanged are the GOimpulse sensors as signature feature.

The visuals are fantastic. They look really fast and you will never miss the attention seeking colors. And they are shipped with 2 pair of laces to accommodate your mood.

Since these shoes are made for speed and racing, I decided to test them on a real race directly.  So I race with them during The Milo Breakfast Day Race which took place only 2 days after I received these shoes. The Milo Race is a basically 7.5 km road race with rolling hills around UPM campus, which is perfectly suitable to run such a test. And they performed great on that day.

What I like the most is the weight and the snug fit of the shoe. And the cushioning in the GOrun Speed is firm and very responsive. For a distance of 7.5 km race semi-hilly route, I can comfortable manage to cruise comfortably on average of 4 min/km pace that day.

The GOrun Speed is meant to be a performance racing flat. If you like a shoe that is light, firm, and snug-fitting that you intend to use for speed training and racing, then the GOrun Speed is the right shoe.

After all, it was designed as a race day shoe for an Olympic marathoner.

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