Sunday, June 16, 2013

Larian Kitar Semula 2013

Date: 15 Jun 2013
Venue: Padang Merbuk
Distance: 3.5km

The objective of the event is to promote recycling and waste management as part of the day-to-day lifestyle and culture.  When we heard the MC announced that there are about 40,000 participants joined this event which take place simultaneously in 9 locations around Malaysia, we made some estimation. Since they have distributed 2 plastic bibs for each runner, that will easily generate 80,000 pieces of plastic bibs.  We sincerely hope that these bibs will find their way into the recycle bin. More importantly, we hope that these bibs are are recyclable.

This year bibs and t-shirts are distributed a day before the event to avoid congestion that occurred in previous year. The distance was supposed to be 5 km but it was shortened to 3.5 km. Even though the distance is 3.5 km, there were 2 aid stations providing ample bottled water. (hope those water bottle will find their way to the recycle bin as well and will be recycled into good use).  There were also about 40 attractive lucky draw prizes.

Anyway it was still a good family outing for many and a splendid way to promote running.

More photos here

A lucky runner got a bicycle
Grand lucky prize winners, BSN Premium RM5000, 51" Flat TV, Samsung Galaxy etc

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