Sunday, June 23, 2013

Centro Klang Run 2013 - Top 10 Results

Date: 23 Jun 2013
Venue: Centro Klang

This annual event that take runners 12km around the Centro Mall around the Klang area has always been a favorite and the tickets usually get sold out fast.  Despite clashed with Olympic Day Run (postponed), Chicken Run, Perodua, Mardi Trail, the tickets sold out quite early this year too.  Since the run is managed by the very experienced committee members of the Klang Pacers Athletic Club, the run was well organized in terms of aid station, and all the junctions were well marshaled.

There is still room for safety though, because some of us can really felt fast cars sharing our running lane, due to the fact that 80% of the route are made of main roads. Say what you like, but it undeniable that there are still so many Malaysian drivers that don't have much respect for runners or cyclist, and even though it is a Sunday morning when traffic is suppose to be low, you wont missed those fast cars racing by.  Perhaps some cones might give some extra reminders to the drivers to be extra alert of the runners.

But the highlight of this race day is not traffic but Jerebu the annual haze. We ran 12km in the midst of Klang valley being covered by haze. Seriously Klang valley has been doing ok, but it seems that the situation got worsened since 2 days ago.  So it was rather quite a struggle racing when every time you gasp for air, you  can sense the strong burning smell. It was rather challenging mentally but it seems that there were no negative reports.  But by the time we left the Centro Mall, we can hardly see any of the tall building around us.

More photos here

 Today is Centro run, not orange run
 12km flag-off
 Cheers for runners
New found friends - runners that like Skechers.

Runner in red look like 'Dai Kor'
 Men open
Men Junior veteran
Boys Junior
 Men Senior veteran
 Women open
 Women veteran
Girls junior

Hopefully next year the organizer will provide a much more innovative medal and trophy design. This design is so common la. 

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