Saturday, February 15, 2014

KEEN Sandals


Keen, a brand from the United States started with the notion of developing sandals to protect our toes. Venturing out to the outdoors can be an inspiring ground to rejuvenate our body, mind and soul. We could be faced with unforeseen circumstances that may endanger us. This original idea gave birth to KEEN sandals that allow you not only to play and, live a HybridLife in urban concrete jungle plus venture into the most fascinating outdoors.

Attributes of KEEN brand resonate to those individuals whose beliefs are to CREATE, PLAY & CARE for nature. Creation of KEEN sandals reflects their commitment to innovative global solutions global communities. Keen supports non-profits organizations especially communities affected by Tsunami back in 2004 and Keen has been involved in corporate social responsibilities in preserving and conservation land.

Keen’s collection of hybrid sandals such as Waterfront, Boulevard and Kids will inspire you to explore, live and breathe the air of endless possibilities. The SS14 collection will be available in-store by February 2014.

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