Monday, August 1, 2016

Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run (Putrajaya 2016) Top Results

Date : 30 July 2016
Distance : 21km and 12 km
Location : Putrajaya

This is the second of the 3 part series. The first in Penang, and the 3rd (next) in Johor.

On race day evening, there was a heavy thunderstorm before the race, but luckily it stopped just in time,but a mild drizzle followed and that went on during the early part of the race.

Overall the organization was good, with ample water station and traffic cones along the entire routes, with certain stretch closed from traffic, and pacers to lead runners.  The dedicated running lane with cones as separator does give runners the comfort of protection from those speeding cars in Putrajaya.  And the design of the route itself may also be a bit mental challenge for some as there were long stretches of endless Putrajaya highway with no anticipation of end in sight.

And then among the challenges that runners might have endure that night, is that the road was a rather slippery due to continuing drizzle, with the rolling hills and ramps accentuating the hazard. Then there are certain spots along the route that was too dark, and I remember specifically the U turn at somewhere the 10km mark for the 21km race, it was a complete blackout and we had to walk across the grass divider to make the U turn.

Prizes are for top 3 winners of each categories, and all runners get a goodie bag with a fiishing medal, with plenty of games with goodies at the finish line.  It was indeed a very 'happening' event.

Top Results

21 KM Men Open Top 20

21KM Men Veteran Top 20

21 KM Women Open Top 20

21 KM Women Veteran Top 20

12 KM Men Open

12 KM Women Open

Detail results here:


  1. Error sir. 21km men open is for tmfan run.

    1. Thanks for highlighting, will change is asap


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