Monday, November 23, 2009

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009

What shoe is he wearing?
Everyone waiting for it, but only one winner
Winner queuing up to get prize
He must be very very tired
Someone else trophy
The color of the strap is more impressive
Prefer this medal than the gold one
Finisher T-shirt but only 1 size, XL

Date: 22 Nov 2009
Time: 2.30am
Venue: Queensbay Mall
This year was better organised than last year. The full marathon route was well designed which runners didn't clash with the half marathon crowd like last year. As the run started at 2.30pm, the environment was cozy and full
The organiser took the runner advice by replacing the strap color with Penang flag color, which is more unique and attractive. Just the gold design full marathon medal was not as attractive as the others medal. The design of the others medal has two tone and more stand out. This year they provide finisher T-shirt but only 1 size, XL to make sure everyone can wear.
Details result click here

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