Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shape Up with Mr. Energizer

Date: 21 Feb 2010
Time: 2pm
Venue: Celebrity Mega Mall

Attended the Shape Up with Mr. Energizer session after the KL City Day Run. The event was held in Celebrity Mega Mall. Participant can either worked in team or individual. Those who particiapted have to complete a series of actions, ie. 1km on treadmill, 1km on bike, rolling, sit up, squat, bench press, gym up etc. Whoever completed first would be announced as the winners. Top 4 winners would received 1 yr - 3 mths celebrity membership + Energizer products.

Of course, participants would have the opportunity to take photo with Mr. Energizer. You may hugged him, kissed him, carried him, dance with him, squeezed him etc.
Not sure whether is he or she or ... whoever behind, it is MR. ENERGIZER...

Some photos are courtesy from Tey.
Tey is the officail photographer
Energizer Marathoners

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