Sunday, September 18, 2011

KLIUC Unity Run 2011 - Top 20 Official Results

Date: 18 Sep 2011
Time: 7:30am
Venue: KLIUC

Around 800+ participants joined in this event, higher turn-out was expected from the organiser as this event was postponed earlier since it clashed with other events. But unavoidable, this week it still, not only clashed with Kluang Internation Run, it also clased with Media Run, Seremban 1 Malaysia Run, Penang Star Walk and also others cycling events. It was good to runners as more runners have chance to win prize but it was a disadvantage to the organiser as same pool of runners have been divided to different location which caused the lower turn-out.

Compare to last year, there was some improvement especially number of cash prizes has increased to top 20 winners, even some categories number of participants was less than the number of cash prizes awarded. Even though the cash prizes was not much but at least could cover the registration fees. Reasonable registration fees for adult and low fees for IPT and students was a good encouragement.  T-shirt and light breakfast also provided too. This year technical team more experience and not much complaint from runners, except the challenging hilly route and all runners managed to conquer the challenge.

Prizes giving ceremony was fast and smooth, just cash distribution abit of kelam kabut as there are many winners. Should have separate lane for each category so that runners could line up. But overall the event was well organised, well done to the organiser and hope next year we have chance to come again.

More photos here

 Girls junior
 Boys junior
 Men senior veteran
 Men junior veteran
Above photos courtesy from Eric Chin
 Men junior veteran - 10km
 Girls junior
 Women veteran
 Men senior veteran
 Boy juniors
 Women open
Men open
 Runners from Shah Alam
Running family from Penang
 Happy smiling faces
 After running - lega...
Semenyih Runners
 Yes, Impossible is Nothing

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