Sunday, September 25, 2011

Siemens Run 2011 - Top 20 Official Results

Date: 25 Sep 2011
Venue: Dataran Merdeka
Distance: 10.3km and 6km

With no exception, same as past few Sunday, this event clashed with others too, Desaru Triathlon, Taiping Marathon, Pudu Charity Run, River Jungle Marathon, Penang Merdeka Run and some events in Singapore. As such, the running atmosphere in Siemens Run this year was not as great as last year and number of participants also much lesser, especially participants from junior boys and girls and corporate runners in Dreams Fun Run. As expected, men open was dominated by Kenyan, top 5 winners were sapu by them, women open champion too.

Need to mentioned here, with some innovation and creative mind, this year medal is awesome and out of norm. Wish other organizers will think out of the box too. Overall it was a well organised event, results was fast, prize presentation for top 3 winners was smooth and especially the process in collecting cash for all the winners was very efficient with minimum waiting time. Well done to the sponsors, organizer, technical team and volunteers.

More photos here

Awesome medal
 Men open
 Women open
 Men junior veteran
 Men senior veteran
 Women veteran

Ipoh Brooks Running Club


  1. Great blog and well done being first to get the Siemens 10K results up before anyone else.

  2. Hardly find any results on the web. Good job for the first to post up the result. By the way, what is the actual distance for the 10K route? I saw some people put 10.3km and some put 10.5km...

  3. i use the "micoach" apps during the runs and it shows 10.3k...


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