Sunday, January 26, 2014

Brooks Transcend: the Core Technologies

To support the concept of Stride Signature, Brooks unveiled a new heavily cushioned running shoe : The Transcend.
According to Brooks, the Transcend is not just about delivering lots of cushioning, but the fresh technologies behind the shoe is about providing support that kicks in only when the runner needs it. And there are 5 technologies are embedded within the shoes to achieve that.

And the 5 key technologies behind the Brooks Transcend are explained as:

The Super DNA is 25% better cushioned than the BioMoGo DNA, delivers adaptable cushioning that is designed to provide the ultimate cushioned ride and it is supposed to smartly adapts to your every stride. Brooks calls this “float.”  and if you remember the kind of superior cushioning the Glycerin 11 or Trance 12 provides, imagine that the Transcend is even better!

Guide Rails – is the 'dark coloured rail' that sit atop the midsole foam and to the outer edges of your foot, to control your movement if you deviate too far from the way your body is expected to travel. Brooks believes the Transcend will deliver plenty of stability without using a traditional post, the firm gray foam found under the arch of many running shoe and still allow your lower body’s joints to follow their natural movements. 

You can think of this like bumper bowling on the footbed. The Guide Rails revolutionalizes traditional stability by allowing your hips, knees and joints to move within their unique motion path while you run all without traditional posts. It replaces the Diagonal Rollbars to balance off pronation and supination issues. 

Ideal Pressure Zones – distributes pressure evenly within the heel, mid-foot and forefoot. The shock of impact will not feel magnified in any one area, as it gets minimized and spread out evenly. This will distribute greatest pressure over larger area and minimize local pressure while maximizing comfort.

Ideal Heel aligns every stride naturally where the focus is put on where your heel usually lands in its natural motion. It all starts with a rounded heel like that found on the Pure Project shoes. This reduces the amount of material at the outer edge of your heel, which if it were there and made contact with the ground would speed your rate of pronation.

Plush Upper – conforms to every foot for a custom fit. With a soft, comfortable and luxurious feel, your running will reach an experience of a new level with the no-sew tunnels that integrate laces into upper for a wrapped fit that customized to different foot shapes. It is to provide that plush sensation which continues above the midsole with the shoe’s upper features luxurious materials that are expected to feel soft against the foot. 

The Brooks Transcend will be available from February 2014 onwards and is expected to retail for RM759.

Here are the exciting colours of the Transcend. 

What's your colour choice?

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  1. RM759???!!! That's enough for me to change all 4 tyres for my Myvi.


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