Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Run 2013 - Top 20 Results

Date: 21 Apr 2013
Distance: 3km, 5km and 10km

The inaugural  International Jazz Earth Day Run was held in the University Campus this morning. Race format is a single 5 km loop for the Veterans and double loop for the Open categories. Distance is about 5.2 km (according to GPS) per loop. As it is an open/international competition, many African runners were attracted to join the race (first prize RM1,000 for the Open Category). From the results below, you will see the top 15 in the Men Open (and the top Women too) were dominated by these Africans pros.

Start and finish at the UM Arena. Prizes are for top 5 runners. Medals for top 20. Race route is very challenging with plenty of hills and corners. And besides basic refreshment and goodies bag, everyone gets a finisher plant! Yes a fruit/flower/ornament plant of your choice so that you can grow at your own garden.

Overall, the organization is so-so. Punctuality not satisfactory, with some delays here and there. However, it is noted that runners' safety was not well taken care of, due to the fact that the race route not closed to the heavy traffic of the UM campus.

More photos here

Many Kenyan runners
AXA Insurance team
Runners from Terengganu
Veteran runners

Finisher plant, every participant choose a plant
 3km girls
 3km boys
 5km women veteran
5km men veteran 
10km girls junior
 10km boys junior
 10km women open
 10km men open


  1. Moving the finish line was unforgivable and I am also told that some kenyans stopped to look for ribbon collections. Undue delays in prize giving also added to my frustration. No race officials along the track to catch cheats who ran thru car-parks instead of the roads (presumably that is the official track).

    1. I was one of the participant for 10km, unfortunately it was not well organized...they never mentioned to us that the finish is in the stadium!!! I crossed the line (the same where we started) after my 2nd loop then walked assuming that I am done...after a while there was someone HEY! I was what?? I am the finish line is in the stadium grrr...sadly lost precious seconds!!! (I too saw runner crossing the car park, no officials there at all)


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