Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Puma Mobium Elite GLOW Edition - A review

PUMA recently releases the new Mobium Elite Glow edition - this model basically comes with the enhancement of reflective and glow-in-the-dark features with the objective of improving visibility. It has been about 2 months now that I have been using the 'original' Mobium Elite since I shared about my experience with them in my earlier review here.

Although initially I thought they will serve well as strength training shoes for development of strength and form, but I have grown to really liked them as an everyday trainer and so I have been running in them quite frequently.

And for me they work very well for especially when running on flat roads.  I really enjoyed the fact that these shoes provide great support without the bulk and they really encourage good running form. Despite the natural design and minimum cushioning they can be really comfortable than they looked once you get used to them.

And this is probably why the Mobium Elite was recently awarded “2013 Best Debut” by Runner’s World China for the innovation. I think they are well worthy of this award.

Now, lets get back to the Glow Edition. The Mobium Elite Glow is actually the same shoe, but made with improve visibility through reflective and glow features. This is very importance as it provide safety especially for runners whom like to run on the open road at night.

I think the best way to illustrate what the glow is all about is through the animated photos below which present the effects of the shoes in different lighting conditions.

Here the picture shows (1) is how the shoe looks like in normal lighting condition, (2) how the reflective material looked when exposed to a light source such as camera flash or when shined upon by the headlight of a car, and (3) finally, how the glow-in-the-dark work (in a room that is completely dark)

The glow-in-the-dark effect really work like those material found in our analog watches, and you will find the glow stronger if they have been exposed recently to a light source (maybe the sun light or artificial light). So that means the glow will give best result when running during dusk, where the shoes are being 'charged' by the evening sun and it will provide the glow as it get darker into the night. My basic camera could not capture much of the glowing effect, but even with just the reflective material the shoes provide good visibility. I think runners that favors running at night will appreciate this feature.
Within the Mobium Elite Glow Edition, there are nice colors to choose from.

So I guess this is THE SHOE for the Puma Night Run in Korea!

Besides the Mobium Elite, it is also good to know that the Glow feature is also available in other Puma running shoes, such as the Puma Bioweb and Puma Faas 300 v2.

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