Sunday, November 24, 2013

Parkcity Run 2013 - Top 5 Results

Date: 24 Nov 2013

This is the first time I have ever run in Desa Park City. I have been to this place before and I know this place is really a favorite among runners as a training heaven, but my schedule had never allow me to train here nor have I the opportunity to race in Jean Pierre's premium race. So this year I get to do it, and it was indeed a great experience.

And what is so special about this race is really the organization, the vicinity, and the crowd. The start and finish venue is in the DPC International School proves to be a great place to gather before and after the race. You can judge with the photograph below. As for the running route, it was such a well planned challenge that it start with a minor climbed, followed by a moderately long rolling climb, and in the middle of it at (5th-6th km point towards the water tank), there is this killer 600 meters or so winding steep climb that will leave you cursing and panting as you gasps for air on the way to the top, but just before you start to curse, a water station with cold 100plus is waiting to recharge you just right at the top.

Another interesting design of the course is there are plenty of roundabouts , and finally just as you thought you have reach the finishing line, you have to make an u-turn, I guess if you are running in a pack with similar speed this is where the last sprinting action will be take place.

But I think the best feature in this race is safety. Most of the roads are closed from traffic except the stretch outside DPC, but the running lane was covered by cones and since it started early, there are minimal traffic. And inside DPC gated community, the security guards (mostly Gurkhas) gave us the full salute when we ran pass. What a race!

I really enjoy this event, even though I have not fully recovered from last week's Penang Bridge Marathon, so it is like a wake-up/shake up speedy race after the long distance event. This is really a race for the kids since it is organized in a school and the number of categories for each of the children's age group, but ended up invaded by many running enthusiast like me!  But I nevertheless happy to meet lots of running buddies and really enjoy seeing little toddlers and young kids racing hard. Highly recommended event for every one, especially for those with a young family.

More photos here

My buddies Hilmi, Ikhwan and friends from the Energy Department.

Recognised them? Our top marathoner bro Din and friends.
The star of the event.
 Kids 600m dash
 Guess who is it?
 2.2km girls
 2.2km boys
 5km women open
5km men open 
 10km women veteran
 10km men veteran
 10km women open
 10km men open

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