Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Puma Bioweb Elite: A Shoe Review

The Bioweb Elite is another distinguished looking running shoe from PUMA that incorporates a unique design.  This shoe has a single piece spider web-like upper, where this design concept will provide a 'wrapping' feel on the foot.

I have been running on the PUMA BioWeb Elite on and off for about 2 months now, and I used them mostly on easy days. I find them to be excellent as a pair of trainer when I do my longer runs or when I incorporate some cross training during my runs.

Compare to the PUMA Faas series which emphasizes neutrality, lightweight cushioning and flexibility, the BioWeb is basically a much more firm, and structured shoe. If you take a closer look at these shoes, it screams stability all over.

When I first saw the Bioweb Elite, I thought these shoes will be as cushy as the Puma Faas 500 because both of these shoes looks as if though they are packed with the same amount amount of cushioning materials at the outsole.

But as I ran in them, I found that despite the high profile of the sole and the volume of cushioning, the cushions are very firm and stable, therefore provide excellent responsiveness.

 The shoe absorb the impacts of every landing that I made very well and so lift off was easy.

Another comparison one might one to make is the flexibility especially during transition. It seems that although the outsole is not as flexible as the Faas, but the Bioweb Elite is somewhat flexible at the forefoot area, thus allow the shoe to provide a smooth transition at toe off.

I made some research on the technical aspect on the design of the shoe, and found that the concept behind the design is very much based on the principles of the structure of the spider web; with the upper consists of mesh wrapped in a web-like structure, and this part is called the WebCage. This design in the upper provides a comfortable fitting. I find this is quite true even for a sock-less runner like me.

And due to the web cage structure, the shoe upper is firm and is not stretchy, and I supposed the spider web layout at the upper has been designed in such so to provide that a cover that wrap around the feet from heel to toe in a very structured manner, yet without restricting the feet movement while running. As such I think this will bring happiness to those runners who prefer snug fitting uppers.

There is also a 'Glow' variant of the Bioweb Elite which incorporates glowing material at the bottom of the sole as well as at the upper to provide better visibility in the dark.

From a personal perspective, I find the Bioweb Elite is an excellent choice if you are looking for a multipurpose or versatile shoe for cross training eg. a pair of trainers that allow you to do your gym/weight workouts besides running.  Also worth checking this shoe out if you are into activities such as boot camps like training but this is definitely a good multipurpose trainer. 


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