Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brooks Transcend and the Brooks Half Marathon 2014 REPC

1 March 2014.  We informed earlier this week that we were among the winners of the Blog with Brooks - The Brooks Transcend contest. Yeay!  And so we head out to the Curve, and also took the opportunity to shop and visit our friends at the REPC center for the Brooks Half Marathon that will take place on 9 Mar 2014

It was quiet busy with lots of temporary booths set up around the Brooks Shop at the Curve.

This year's running vest for him and her. Nice color and design with the Bukit Jalil Running Club logo and the theme for this year. Everybody we bump into seems to be so excited to run the race.

Runners collecting their race pack. Everything seems to be very smooth and we managed to steal some moment to chat with some friends whom were volunteers.

Lots familiar faces.

Powerbar anyone?

And then there is also the promotion booth for the Brooks Kuantan Half Marathon by the Dusty Monkey. Real tempting event, lots of prizes, nice running location (around Teluk Cempedak). Can combine with family vacation. Run in your surf/beach shorts and go swimming at the beach after the run? Then head to fishing village near Cherating for Satar and Keropok Lekor after the run? More details about the run here

The newly arrived Brooks Transcend being displayed at the top the shelf.  These premium shoes are designed with a 'radical' concept in terms of support technologies. It will be interesting to see how the technologies behind these shoes will eventually lead to the development of Brooks range of running shoes in the future. But in the meantime, I get to run in these babes real soon and see how they perform.

One of my favorite racing shoe. The Brooks T7 is still running with and 'facelift' on the color of the lace and at the heel cup. They are design to wrap around your feet like gloves, very light and meant to go fast. Always reminds me of Christy Wellington every time I see them.

With the Brooks team and also the winners for the Brooks Transcend contest. Congratulations to all the winners.

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