Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy International Women's Day

We would like to wish all the women around the world a very Happy International Women's Day.

For this year's International Women Day, we will feature a short write up on an inspiring personality, Priscah Jeptoo.

Jeptoo is the winner of the World Majors Marathon 2013, and also the Silver Medalist in the London Olympics 2012 Marathon.

Jeptoo (far right) in the London 2012 Olympics Marathon.

I remember Priscah Jeptoo because of her 'special' running gait which I noticed during the London Olympics 2012.

There was even numerous mentions about the way she run during the London Olympics by the sports narrator.

As we have been often told to emphasizes good running form in order to perform , well, Jeptoo running form challenges that theory. Well, I suppose as long as it is working fine then why fix it.

And there are actually videos in you tube that attempt to analyse her running form! Here is one of them.

And then, I remember Jeptoo because of this epic moment captured  by Mike Powell from London Olympic 2012 in which Jeptoo stops to reflect on her silver medal finish, with gold medalist Tiki Gelana in the background.

She lost to Gelana her Gold Medal only by 5 seconds. It was also asked in an article whether this is gratitude or is prayer plans for redemption? Her subsequent streaks of successes probably answers that.

Here is a podium photo of her winning the Great Bupa Half Marathon with a timing of 1:05:
And finally, last year, I  saw how determine, strong and strategic she can be by the way she execute her marathon finish during the New York Marathon.

There was a moment of good fight whe she catches and overtook Deba at mile 24 during the New York Marathon 2013. Thats when she won the marathon and also the World Major title.

When she hit halfway in 1:16:00 she was three and a half minutes behind the leader. Three and a half minutes is more or about a km away at their speed, but she yet finally overtook runner-up Buzunesh Deba, an Ethiopian who lives in the Bronx, at mile 24. She also won the $500,000 World Marathon Majors championships prize.

Jeptoo crossed the finish line first in 2:25:07. Deba held on for second in 2:25:56.

This lady has definitely a strong will power for winning, doesn't she?  I think her determination and her resilience as an athlete is definitely an inspiration not only to women, but also to men around the world.

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