Friday, May 30, 2014

Salomon X-Scream

A shoe built for the trail in the city.

Do you have a familiar trail within your city landscape that you always like to run in? And run starts from the road and through the staircase then across concrete pavement before reaching the gravel path and through the grass fields before entering the muddy foot path? If you do or if you like to run in such terrains, then it may be worthwhile that you checkout the new Salomon X-Scream.

The Salomon X-Scream falls into Salomon’s Citytrail category which which allows for an easy transition from door to trail. and it is really a hybrid shoe that is designed for the urban landscape.

The Salomon X-Scream offers good dynamic cushioning, versatility and durability as key features making it a shoe suitable to run in mixed terrains found in the city landscape such as concrete, rocks, asphalt, grass, or even foot tracks that are made of packed sand or gravels.

One of the key concept behind the X-Scream is to provide good surface adaptation, which means it is able to provide excellent transition between different terrains.

The sole is constructed with the OS Tendon system acts like a real tendon by flexing to provide stretch and balance during the heel-to-toe transition. The Salomon X-Scream is also constructed with the Contagrip outsole of differing densities which explains the fantastic traction over different terrains.

The X-Scream also offers excellent cushioning and support, through the Lightweight Muscle material and injected EVA midsole, which provides dynamic cushioning and thus it is found to be very comfortable and springy without that bulky feeling.

The Sensiflex; which is a fabric that allows the foot to expand in a controlled manner increasing foothold is built into the X-Scream at just the right spot of the upper is there to provide a good combination of freedom and foot hold.

And with no exception, just like many of the Salomon running shoes, the design also includes the concept of Adaptive Fit which wraps the foot with a precise and secure Quick-Lace system as found in most of the Salomon shoes.

The X-Scream incorporates many features and ideas from challenges found in trail running into the daily running activities in the urban environment. The best is the flexibility of the door to trail concept which allows the shoe to be run in any kind of terrain.

Ready to explore the trail within the city with the X-Scream?

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