Monday, January 22, 2018

Twincity Marathon 2018 - Top 20 Results

Date; 21 Jan 2018
Distance: 5km, 12km, 21km and 42km

Event review by runner Wong Chin Chun:

My second race for year 2018, Twincity Marathon. Collected the race kits on Friday night and there was a huge crowd queuing. Took around 30 min to get the kits.

Going into the race, I was feeling quite confident as my training have been getting better for the last 2 weeks. Somehow, at 10 km mark, my timing was a bit off and i was getting slower by each km. I realised today was not gonna be my day, thus i just aimed to hang on and to stay among the front runners. There were many water and food stations (every 2.5km) some even got teh, kopi, roti goyang, ais krim batang, and etc. There was a lot meehon goreng to grab after the race. 

The route was well managed and with gentle elevation and down hill. The last 3 km, I started to feel lightheaded and I did a very silly mistake for running the wrong route as the marshal directed me wrongly to follow the FM route (around 700m error run) near the finishing line.

Overall, it was a good event and the organizer was very generous in proving prized for top 20 winners. However, winner verification was very time consuming (took about 1.5 hour to redeem my prizes) and hopefully next year the organizer will improve on this aspect and arrange specific counter for each category.

Quite disappointed with my performance today. Anyhow, very grateful to finish at 10th position with nice big trophy, snacks, and catching up with some friends on a chilling rainy Sunday morning. So much things to analyst and reflect on.
Check result here
More photos here

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