Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Museum Telekom Race 2009

What : Muzium Telekom Race 2009
When : 14th March 2009
Where : Muzium Telekom
Time : 8.00am

Distance : Group A (Primary) - 3 KM
Group B (Secondary) - 8 KM (actual distance 5 KM)
Group C (IPT) - 10 KM (actual distance 6 KM)

This was Muzium Telekom first time organized the race. Due to heavy rain in that morning, the organiser was a bit of kelam kabut. The route was very much under distance.

Winners has to wait for so long to receive their medal and prizes.

Hopefully next year it will be more well organise and provide more prizes, better quality medal and attractive goodies bag.
More photos here

Group A

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