Monday, December 31, 2012

Xterra Malaysia 2013

Triathlon Sprint / Trail Run
Date: 27 Apr 2013
Venue: Maritime Centre Putrajaya, Malaysia
Time: 7am
Distance and Registration fees:

Triathlon World Championship and Relay
Date: 28 Apr 2013
Venue: Maritime Centre Putrajaya, Malaysia
Time: 7am
Distance and Registration fees: 

Contact: 03 7960 2325
Details here

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gold Coast Airport Marathon Australia 2013

The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is held in one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. Staged annually on the first weekend in July, the Gold Coast Airport Marathon motivates and challenge people of all ages and abilities.

There is a Marathon, a Half Marathon, a 10km Run, a 5.7km Challenge and Junior Dash races over 4km and 2 km for the kids. Runners crave the magnificent running conditions on the Gold Coast in winter, as well as the flat, fast and beautiful course that runs alongside the Pacific Ocean surf beaches and broad water.

Date: 6 - 7 Jul 2013
Venue: Gold Coast Australia
Distance: 10km, 21km and 42km
Details here
Facebook here
2012 Gold Coast Marathon Result here
Registration open on Mar 2013

Batu Anam B6CT Jamboree Johor 2013

Date: 13 Jan 2013
Time: 8:30am
Venue: SJK (C) Hwa Nan, Batu Anam Segamat Johor
Distance: 40km
Registration fees: RM50
Cash prize: Top 5 winners
Contact: 019-7602223
Closing date: 31 Dec 2012
Details here

BJ Mini Marathon 2012 - Top 3 Winners

Date: 29 Dec 2012 
 1st women open
 2nd women open
 3rd women open
 1st men open
 2nd men open
3rd men open

Photos courtesy by  Raymond Ng, thanks

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Larian Jambatan Gantung Pahang 2013

Date: 1 Jan 2013
Time: 8:30am
Venue: Jambatan Gantung Sg. Lembing Pahang
Distance: 13km
Registration fees: RM5
Cash prize: Top 14 winners
Contact: 09-5735239 (Wisma Belia Indera Mahkota)
Categories: Men and women open, Men veteran (45 and above)
Closing date: 31 Dec 2012

Perda Fun Ride & Charity Penang 2013

Date: 26 Jan 2013
Time: 7am
Venue: Perkarangan IPD Serang Prai Utara Penang
Distance: 35km
Registration fees: RM30
Contact: 019-416 4497
Closing date: 31 Dec 2012
Details here

Friday, December 28, 2012

Larian Rakyat 2012


Date : 30 Dec 2012
Time :  7:00 am
Venue : Tapak Pasar Malam Ukay Perdana, Ulu Kelang Ampang
Distance: 8km
Registration fees:  RM1 (One Ringgit Only !)
Prizes: Top 10 winners
Contact: 019-267 6625
Closing date: 29 Dec 2012
Details here

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brooks Pure Project 2: Puredrift

The Puredrift is an entirely new addition to the Brook's Pure series collection. Since last month, I am one of the runners that were given the opportunity to tryout these minimalist shoes before they make their way into the market from January onwards.

According to Brooks Running about the Puredrift -

" Experience the next best thing to naked feet with hyper-light PureDrift. Spread those toes with dual toe flex splits that allow your forefoot to flex through its three functional units, creating natural balance and a springy push-off. An anatomical last mimics the shape of your foot for a closer fit and the hardly-there upper provides just a little more coverage than a birthday suit. When you really want to feel free as a bird, remove the sock liner for a zero drop experience. no-seam construction keeps it comfortable and a soft platform mellows impact. Feet, meet feel."

The Puredrift is a very handsome looking shoe. The men's striking lime green/black looked really great and the shoe also boosts Brook’s night life technology with strategically placed reflective points on the toe box, heel, and side of the shoe.

People won't miss you for the shoes you are wearing. See the pictures below:

I found that the Puredrift is a very light pair of trainer/racer. At 5.6 oz (160 gram), the Puredrift weight less than a pre-race banana..Well, according to a video I saw in Youtube made by Brooks Running, no kidding ;). 

This is what the sole looks like after 80+km of running. The dirt that got stuck on the sole is a very good indicator on where the contact points are. Pay attention to the special wear occurred at the top (near the pinky toe) and the clean surface on the heel area. I guess that explains much about where the specific contact points are - most at the forefoot. 

The profile feels a bit strange at first. It has a zero drop from heel to toe if you remove the sock-liner. Those of you who have done track and field during your school days can tell that the profile of the shoe somewhat resembles the feeling of wearing a pair of track spikes.  And there is a curve within the sole of the shoe which pushes the feet to rest more on the medial side of the foot.

The Puredrift is designed with an anatomical last that wraps around the the feet with good fit, but yet the shoe comes with a super spacious toe box (super round when you look at it from the top). Other distinguish feature includes the design of the out-sole. This is what the 'dual toe flex' looks like in closed up. These feature is designed to improve better balance and push off.

There is an elastic band called  the Nav Band that is suppose to help to wrap the feet on the shoe, but I don't really feel it's presence most of the time, so I can't really make much of it. The lacing system does it job well anyway.

The Puredrift is designed with a comfortable, thin material which give it a breathable upper. I can run with it sockless easily. And again, the toe-box area is very spacious (really wide toe box) and I suppose that is the profile that is to cater for those who are going for barefoot/minimalist style of running.

When I first try running on it, the shoe is somewhat 'forced-encourage' more of forefoot landing (almost like running on a pair of track spike).  This result in more workload on the calves at the beginning, but after a while, I found that the shoe provides excellent strength training opportunity. Fantastic natural speedster.

The Puredrift is making its debut as part of the Pure Project 2 line up which is due to be launch in early 2013. Do keep a lookout for it.

Meanwhile here is a funny video about the Puredrift from Brooks Running, but I think it has provided an entertaining way to explain the technical features of shoe.

And here is a more serious version - summary chart about the features of the Puredrift.

Kejohanan Lumba Basikal Lasak Sungai Petani Kedah 2013

Date: 5 Jan 2013
Course: MTB downhill
Registration fees: RM45
Distance: 1km

Date: 6 Jan 2013
Course: MTB Cross Country
Registration dees: RM35
Distance: 3.6km

Venue: Track Motocross Endurance Dusun Tikam Batu Sg Petani Kedah
Cash prize: Top 3 winners
Contact: 013-933 3951
Details here

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Yam Tuan Antah Challenge N.Sembilan 2013

There are 4 circuits under Gunung Negara Callenge 2013. Participant must join all the circuits in order to receive Overall Champion title,  Top 3 winners will walk away with cash prize and voucher from sponsors.

Sirkit 1: Yam Tuan Antah Challenge @ Gunung Dato, N. Sembilan
Date: 27 Januari 2013
Time: 8am
Venue: Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
Registration fees: 

Cash prize: Top 15 winners
Medal: Finisher medal
Contact: 012-3715412
Closing date: 25 Jan 2013
Details here
2012 Yam Tuan Challenge Top 10 results here

Sirkit 2: Terengganu Mount Berembun Green Challenge, Terengganu
Sirkit 3: Kedah Mount Jerai Challenge
Sirkit 4: Selangor Mount Nuang Challenge

Monday, December 24, 2012

Malakoff 17km Penang Run 2013

Date: 17 Mar 2013
Time: 7am
Venue: Padang Kota Lama, Penang
Distance: 7km and 17km
Registration fees: 
Medal: Finisher medal for 17km runners
Trophy: Top 5 winners 17km
Voucher prize: Top 5 winners for 17km
Contact: 012-4746037
Closing date: 28 Feb or 2500 participants
Details here
2012 Malakoff Penang Run Top 5 results here

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Inspiring New Concept Store “URBAN ADVENTURE” First in South East Asia.

A new emerging trend of outdoor sports activities targeted at outdoor sports enthusiasts who are constantly looking out for new challenges in life and sporting performance gears. The identity of URBAN ADVENTURE has been derived from urbanites that inevitability indulges regularly into outdoors activities, which differentiates them.

As the outdoor industry progresses, the need for appropriate equipment to suit multitudes of outdoor sports become imperative. URBAN ADVENTURE is now located in Mid Valley within Klang Valley. It is now the first concept store open in South East Asia, spread over 5,000 sq ft, a duplex store that offers all sorts of extensively developed sporting gears to ensure comfort, safety and style for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.

URBAN ADVENTURE consolidates brands such as Columbia, O’neill, Salomon, Mountain Hard Wear, Teva, McDavid, Hi-Tec, Keen, Lafuma, Eastpak and many more renowned international brands globally. The attraction of a new concept store is now embedded with outdoor amenities that facilitate climbers with a 20 feet bouldering wall equipped with professional guide and professional gears. Taking inspirations from many design features from both the nature and concrete jungle, a wall specialist was engaged to conceptualize URBAN PLAY, billed as “The Next Evolution in Artificial Climbing Structures”. The climbing wall is catered toward beginner and it is complimentary.

This urban playground is targeted at youths and general public. URBAN PLAY is made up of individual climbing elements, each with a different design, challenge and approach that will make up an adventure for the climber. Each wall element is conceptualized by the designer according to playful theme, mashed-up materials, structures, patterns and colours. The first of such facility is being built at the brand new URBAN ADVENTURE store at 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall. The par This will be the first of such facility in South East Asian.

URBAN ADVENTURE is a leading trendsetter for outdoor gears, which will also showcase top-notch eyewear within their vicinity. Premium sporting products brands as Suunto, an outdoor precision instruments for adventurers who want to conquer new territory by taking a step ahead to live every breath of life to the fullest, Deuter brand that focus on innovation, quality and sustainability of backpacks, Colemen facilities gear from award winning backpacking stoves, camping furniture and revolutionized coolers since 1957.

URBAN ADVENTURE will also distributor reputable eyewear brand catering to various adventure enthusiasts and activities. The brand includes the best specialty eyewear such as Julbo, Amphibia, WileyX, UVEX, Recspec, Callaway, Knobloch and Optx2020. They are geared towards trekking, mountaineering, shooting, cycling, archery, fishing, kayaking, swimming and diving to help you visualize better for a clearer visibility.

URBAN ADVENTURE is not just a branded store but also a trendsetter in terms of trend and technology relating to healthy lifestyle, able to provide various outdoor performance equipment that suit many activities and level. URBAN ADVENTURE will enhance your outdoors passion to the next level.

Can't wait to try the our hands on the climbing wall when it opens.

Cabaran Telapak Burok, Jeram Toi N.Sembilan 2012 - Top 10 Results

Date: 22 Dec 2012
 Women open
 Men open
 Men veteran
 Women open
Men open

Photos courtesy by Chan Jun Shen, Medal photo by Zas Ibrahim thanks
More photos here

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