Saturday, June 29, 2013

IJM Land 10km Run Negeri Sembilan 2013

Date: 6 Oct 2013
Time: 6am
Venue: IJM Land Berhad Seremban Office, Negeri Sembilan
Distance: 10km
Registration fees:
Prize: Top 20 wnners
Medal: Finisher medal
Contact: 06-761 3888
Closing date: 15 Sept 2013 or 2000 participants
Details here

Friday, June 28, 2013

Penang Chung Ling Cross Country 2013

Date: 21 Jul 2013
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Penang Chung Ling High School
Distance: 10km
Registration fees: FREE
Categories: Men and Women open, Men veteran and TeamMedal: Top 10 winners
Trophy: Top 3 winners
Contact: 04-829 4933
Closing date: 15 Jul 2013
To register: Email name, ic no., dob, gender, category and contact no. to Bib collection on event day
Details here
2012 Top 15 results here

2012 medal design

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walk For Health 2013

Date: 28 Sep 2013
Time: 7am
Venue: Taman Ekspo Pertanian Malaysia Serdang (MAEPS) Selangor
Distance: 5km
Registration fees: FREE
Contact: 03-8887 8340
Closing date: 9 Sep 2013
Details here


Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 has been POSTPONED till 

29 September 2013

Announcement source : SCKLM facebook. More info later.

It's OKlah. Health is more important.  Run another day.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SCKLM 2013 - Record Breaking Race!

Record-Breaking Race!
Standard Chartered KL Marathon makes way into the Malaysian Book of Records

Kuala Lumpur, 22 June 2013 – Back for the fifth year, the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM), Malaysia’s most anticipated running event will welcome more than 33,000 runners on 30 June at Dataran Merdeka. This represents a 144 per cent growth since its first year in 2009 (at 13,500 runners). Following the overwhelming response, the Marathon made history this year by racing into the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest participation in a marathon in the country. The last record was achieved in 2011 with 27,500 runners by a marathon in Penang.

More than 27,000 participants took part in the race last year. This year, the Marathon will see more than 33,000 participants from all around the world.

With the theme, “Run for a Reason”, the Marathon will start and end at one of Malaysia’s most historical sites, Dataran Merdeka. This year’s Marathon comprises of 19 categories; provides participation opportunities for all walks of life to run with different and unique reasons. On the whole, the Marathon attracts some 3,600 foreign runners from 73 nationalities to the event.

Rainer Biemans, Director of Dirigo Events who own and manage the Standard Chartered KL Marathon said, “This year marks a historic milestone for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon as it enters the Malaysia Book of Records while celebrating its fifth-year running. The Marathon has grown from strength to strength over the years. The organisers will be teaming up with various authorities to provide the best possible service to participants and the public during the nation's largest marathon.”

“We are proud and glad to see that Standard Chartered KL Marathon created a new record for the largest participation in a marathon in the Human Achievement category. This only goes to show that the Marathon has evolved to be more than just a running event – it’s a nation-building engagement, which cultivates the sporting culture and continues to attract runners from across Malaysia and worldwide, in line with our brand’s promise to be Here for Good,” said Liz Kamaruddin, Country Head of Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad.

In conjunction with the Marathon, the organisers launched various activities prior to the event for the benefit of the runners who have registered to take part in the race as well as for the running community. Pre-event activities such as the training circuit where Mark Williams, the official coach of Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 will train and share running tips through a series of running workshops and a series of fun runs were organised as the precursor to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon such as the Standard Chartered Last Dash To Run and Standard Chartered Fun Run.

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon is once again made possible by title sponsor Standard Chartered Bank, in partnership with the event owner and organiser, Dirigo Events Sdn Bhd, and co-organiser, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) with strong support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports; and gold sponsors MSIG and Honda. 


More details here

140km Gunung Keriang Kedah 2013

Date: 1 Sep 2013
Time: 5am
Venue: Muzium Padi, Gunung Keriang Kedah
Distance: 20km run + 120km cycle
Registration fees: RM80
Medal: Finisher medal
Cash prize: Top 15 winners
Contact: 016-4074224
Closing date: 10 Aug 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MAEPS-MARDI Trail Explore Run 2013 - Top 3 Winners

Date: 23 Jun 2013 
 12km men veteran
 12km women open
 12km men open
 6km women open
6km men open

Medal photo courtesy by Zas Ibrahim,
winners photos courtesy by Jason Loh, thanks both

Delta Eco Night Run Penang 2013

Date: 30 Aug 2013
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Youth Park Penang
Distance: 4km and 8km
Registration fees: RM40
Contact: 012-4012700
Closing date: 9 Aug 2013
Details here
2012 Top 3 winners photos here

2012 Medal design - awesome

Monday, June 24, 2013

Perodua Race For A Cause 2013 - 15km Check Your Result

 Date: 23 Jun 2013

Check your result here
Medal photo courtesy by Suraya, thanks

Putra Charity Run Johor 2013

Date: 7 Jul 2013
Time: 6am
Venue: IOI Mall Bandar Putra Kulai Jaya Johor
Distance: 4km, 6.5km and 10km
Registration fees: Junior - RM5, Adult - RM10, Family - RM20
Medal: Top 10 winners
Cash prize: Top 10 winners
Contact: 07-661 2288
Closing date:
Details here

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Centro Klang Run 2013 - Top 10 Results

Date: 23 Jun 2013
Venue: Centro Klang

This annual event that take runners 12km around the Centro Mall around the Klang area has always been a favorite and the tickets usually get sold out fast.  Despite clashed with Olympic Day Run (postponed), Chicken Run, Perodua, Mardi Trail, the tickets sold out quite early this year too.  Since the run is managed by the very experienced committee members of the Klang Pacers Athletic Club, the run was well organized in terms of aid station, and all the junctions were well marshaled.

There is still room for safety though, because some of us can really felt fast cars sharing our running lane, due to the fact that 80% of the route are made of main roads. Say what you like, but it undeniable that there are still so many Malaysian drivers that don't have much respect for runners or cyclist, and even though it is a Sunday morning when traffic is suppose to be low, you wont missed those fast cars racing by.  Perhaps some cones might give some extra reminders to the drivers to be extra alert of the runners.

But the highlight of this race day is not traffic but Jerebu the annual haze. We ran 12km in the midst of Klang valley being covered by haze. Seriously Klang valley has been doing ok, but it seems that the situation got worsened since 2 days ago.  So it was rather quite a struggle racing when every time you gasp for air, you  can sense the strong burning smell. It was rather challenging mentally but it seems that there were no negative reports.  But by the time we left the Centro Mall, we can hardly see any of the tall building around us.

More photos here

 Today is Centro run, not orange run
 12km flag-off
 Cheers for runners
New found friends - runners that like Skechers.

Runner in red look like 'Dai Kor'
 Men open
Men Junior veteran
Boys Junior
 Men Senior veteran
 Women open
 Women veteran
Girls junior

Hopefully next year the organizer will provide a much more innovative medal and trophy design. This design is so common la. 

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