Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Malakoff 26km Penang 2010

Date: 30 May 2010
Venue: Taman Perbandaran Penang
Time: 5.30am
Distance: 26km & 6km
Registration fees: RM50 for public, RM40 for PACM (26km), RM25 for open (6km), RM20 for junior (6km)
Medal: Finisher medal for 26km, top 3 medal for 6km
Closing date: 21 May 2010 or 2,000 entries
Details here
Online registration here

Energizer Nightmare Race 2010

Date: 27 Mar 2010
Time: 6pm
Venue: Cyberjaya

There are total 4788 runners participated in this event, inclusive of team relay. There are only 24 teams in relay but in Energizer facebook, it stated 150 teams!

Many runners complaint that some location are very dark & scary, can't see any runners either in front or behind, also no Marshall to guide the road. Many were worried running into wrong road, especially the marathoners and the team relay. The last leg of the team has to run 12 - 13km due to the location of the changing station. One of the team DQ as the Marshall directed a member into wrong road..

Most winners were unsatisfied with the prizes received as the organiser did not give the cash voucher as promised. Furthermore the value of the prize did not match with the value stated in the form. Complaint lodged but the feedback was 'what you see is what you get', that kind of attitude. Just wonder what are the different items that received among the top 3 winners.
Every winners must have received the 1 month Celebrity membership voucher that stated worth RM650. Organiser, ubo? are you sure? Paling-paling mahal pun without discount, 1 month fees only less than RM200. Just pretty those winners who are from Kedah, Singapore, Johor, Thailand, what are they going to do with the voucher, which the expiry date is at the end of April! So siapa nak beli, lelong-lelong.

More photos here

Joshua (2nd from left from Energizer),
where is winners' cash voucher as promised?
765 marathoners, only 24 relay teams,
1,507 ran 21km & 2,420 in 10km
Women open 21km
Women veteran 21km
Team relay 1st
42km men jr. veteran
42km men open
42km women open
Likes the 3D Mr. Energizer very cute
Most runners like the medal
Prizes+ goodies
(2 tourch light, 1 reading light, shaver, key chain, 3 small batteries)
Prizes also inclusive of this Celebrity voucher.
1 month membership worth RM650? Ubo?

Fitness Concept Grand Final at 1U - Video

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fitness Concept Indoor Triathlon - Grand Final

Sylvia racing with Jason, national cyclist.
Jason cycle another 100km to raise fun for Heart Foundation
Before starting, all heart rate were blue & green
Briefing, the challengers are....
Wong sifu
Not sure his name
Ronnie, monkey god?
Cecil, and last but not least, the youngest challenger
PM1.1 Ready..... start He was here too, runwithme
Everyone pia kau-kau lat
All heart rate turned to red...
6 Consolation prizes
3rd placing
2nd placing
Grand prize winner with 23+km
Suunto T1c HRM x 1unit worth RM589
Horleys Supplement RM250 Gift Pack
Holiday Voucher worth RM1500 x 1 unit
Group photo

Sunday, March 28, 2010

MPSJ-NST 10km Run 2010

Date: 25 Apr 2010
Time: 8am
Venue: Kompleks Sukan MPSJ, Subang Jaya
Distance: 10km, 7km & 3km
Category: Men open (18 & above), women open, Men jr. veteran (41 - 50yrs), women veteran (40 & above), men senior veteran (51 & above), boys, girls, disable, family run (2 adults & 2 children), Fun run
Registration Fees: All categories RM10 except Disable - free, Family - RM40
Medal: The first 10 winners in selected categories will receive medals & other prizes in kind
Contact: 03-8026 3186 or
Closing date: 16 Apr 2010
Form: ONLY ORGINAL FORMS (cut from newspaper) ARE ACCEPTED

Only accept original form, no photostating, what a great idea

Saturday, March 27, 2010

FitnessConcept's Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Energetic Bunny would like 2spread the word 4FitnessConcept's Corporate Social Responsibility Program
Starting next wk roadshow at 1Utama old wing from 23-28th March,pls bring along all ur friends & family 2test out our cardiomachines, every 1km FC wil donate Rm5.
Help us accumulate 2a substantial charitable amount til endof 2010. Watch out for Indoor Triathlon event as well. It's fun 4everyone while ur contributing to the society2 =D
Pls come. Indoor Tri wil b featuring Reebok V7 treadmill, Recumbent Bike & Crosstrainer.
1/2 hr one session, participants spend 10 mins on each machine. We wil record their accumulateddistances and the longest distances wins. FC wil donate 1km= Rm5
Indoor Triathlon Times:
23th Tues, 24th Wed, 26thFri, 27th Sat - 3-4pm, 730-830pm
25thThurs - 5-6pm, 8-9pm
Grand Final:
28thSun - 3-4pm

Attractive Consolation Prizes for Indoor Triathlon Challenge:
Suunto laptop Bag x 10 units
Horleys Supplement Rm50 Gift pack x 10 unitsF
C Micro Fiber Towel worth Rm 32.90 x 72 units
Attractive Grand prize for Indoor Triathlon Challenge:Suunto T1c HRM x 1unit worth RM589
Horleys Supplement RM250 Gift Pack
Holiday Voucher worth RM1500 x 1 unit

We are also look for fitness instructors who are able tog uild participants and motive them also to create excitement for the Tri event. Price negotiable.
Pls kindly contact 03-8026-2370 or016-202-7025 many thanks and appreciate if you all can help to spread the word and send this message out for more ppl to come.

Staff demo the equipment
Are they going to give this as grand prize?
Sunnto watches display
Attractive poster
Grand stage
What is the Ultraman looking at?
Every participant has to wear the wireless Sunnto timing belt.
The heart rate for each participant display on board, all in red zone
Jason in yellow, natioanal cyclist. Preparing to cycle
100km in 2.5hrs to raise RM500 for charity
Cycling with bunny to enjoy the ride
Participant need to run 10min on treadmill as fast you can
10 mins on xtrainer
10 mins on cycling
He won for the session

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