Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hooHa! 10!10!10! Fun Run Finisher Medal

Is it possible to run both in Nike City Run and also the HooHa 10-10-10 Fun run for the above medal at the same day?
It is possible, Nike run start at 7am and 10-10-10 start at 8:20am, both venue are nearby to each other.
Registration for 10-10-10 is still open - online till 7 Oct 2010 HERE and manual registration till 9 Oct at FTAAA Office.


  1. would i know,,, this finisher medal... is for all finisher or jus for top 10 runner,,,,,?

  2. This is Finisher memento to remember the day forever

  3. really... good.. this good challenger for me,,, 1 day run 2 fun run,, nike and hooha,,, jus start the nike postpone the race only...

  4. hey there, the nike run start at 7.15 am, u need to run very fast to do both run

  5. Rayzeef - yes i know it... will be so rush only... ^^ jus scare walk wrong when i go to LOT10...


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