Friday, March 16, 2012

Nike LunarEclipse+ 2

Recently we had the opportunity to try out the Nike's LunarEclipse+2. When we were first introduced to this shoe we were briefed that the LunarEclipse+2 has plenty of features.

First, there is this feature called the Dynamic Fit.

According to Nike, the Dynamic Fit featured in the LunarEclipse+2 is designed to give that customized fit that feels like the ‘second skin,’ no matter the foot size or shape. It is basically a soft material that wraps like fingers around the mid-foot and arch for a glove-like fit. The perfect fit can be achieved with a simple motion of tightening the laces, which are connected to the Dynamic Fit mid-foot cage for the perfect wrap. 

So we thrashed the shoe with all our almighty thrashing power.  In simple words, we found the shoe to be very fitting, almost like a glove, giving that responsive feeling like wearing a pair of racing shoes. And jumping and bouncing around is quite enjoyable too.

The women version of the LunarEclipse+2...see how sweet it is.

And then, there is this Dynamic Support,

which we were informed that it is actually made up of a two-part midsole system working in tandem with the ultra-plush Lunarlon cushioning to provide stability and support. Opposing wedges of foam move the runner from soft to stable as the heel lands and the foot flexes down, providing for an easy, gradual transition and a smooth ride.

We found the shoe to be really comfortable. The Lunarlon cushioning in the shoe is very responsive. Running more than 12km up and down the Kiara Hill slopes proves to be smooth and comfortable, with  the transition between each stride uphill feeling easy and bouncy, whilst the support effectively cushions off the downhill bump comfortably.

Another cool feature is the the Fitsole 4 sockliner provides extra support and comfort by combining two densities of foam – one more resilient, one a little softer for increased smooth transition. The LunarEclipse+2 also features a TPU heel cup that works with the heel clip for superior fit and support.

Overall we are quite happy with the shoe especially the combination of comfort and fit found in the Eclipse+2.

More video about the LunarEclipse+2 here.

Happy Running with your LunarEclipse+2

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