Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boston Marathon 2012 - Expo and Race Kit Collection

Date: 14 Apr 2012
Venue: Sea Port Boston US

This is the largest race kit collection and merchandise expo that I have attended so far. Even though there were so many runners attended with their family members and supporters,the site was very well organized and atmosphere was full of joy and excitement.  Many brands with their latest products were showcase here, Adidas, Nike, Brooks, Newton, Asics, NB, Altas and others. Not only shoe and apparel, there were many gadgets, attractive items, services too like GPS watch, all kind of medal design, hair band, medal framing service, exercise equipment, sunglasses, all kind of souvenirs, watches, energy products and so on.

Met with many elite runners, including the speedy Woo Chan Yew.  Also runners from others countries like Bahamas, US, Spain and Japan .....

It's a once a lifetime experience and I am lucky to be here.

Can't wait for Monday, 16 Apr - The Boston Marathon

Seaport, race kit collection venue
 Met marathoners from Bahamas. They are couple.
Guess who is the runner and who is the supporter?
 Pretty quite...not much queue. They split runners into 3 waves, with each wave given different colour bib. Wave 1 red, 2 blue and 3 white.  Each wave were further broken down into Corrals. Will talk more about his in the race report.
 Can buy 4 ekor
 Goodies collection, friendly volunteers

Everybody is excited about the goodies especially the event Tshirt.  Some wear  it immediately.  We saw many  whom were wearing the previous year's event shirt and jacket.  In fact, when I arrived at the airport, I was sharing a shuttle with a lady name Beth. She is 75 years old, wearing a previous year Boston Marathon Jacket, and 2012 is her 8th Boston Marathon.
Once collected bib, everybody start shopping at the expo. Favourite booth were the Adidas - the official merchandise.  I got some too.  All I can say is there is so much to see, took us almost a day
 Nike Super Natural, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0.  The Flyknit were not seen.
 Saw the ALTRA shoes...looks really good.  Maybe one of
 these day will try an ultra race with these.
 Mari, mari, lelong, lelong...but all old model and odd sizes
 Newton booth
 Wish Malaysia has this type of medal
 Want this medal?
 U can join Jamaica Marathon to get this medal
 Big Sur Marathon, happen next week
 Framing medal, bib and photo service
 GPS gadgets...lots of them, and much cheaper than in Malaysia
 Brooks T7 with very nice colour is priced about US70 (special offer) at the Expo
The new NB Minimus, super light 
 Nike dri-fit, made in Malaysia, will you buy?
Nike showcase many of their products including these GPS watch, but surprisingly the much anticipated Fuel Band were not seen on display, although the lady (in the picture) demonstrated her own unit to me.  Will be very appealing to some of the younger runners.
 Asics Noosa. Wide range of Asics shoes were showcase and
offered at much attractive price. 
 With the legendary Woo Chan Yew..buying something  from the official merchandise is almost a must here. Favorites were the jackets with Boston Marathon logo. 
 US Olympic trial champion team.  People were queueing up to get his book sign or you can buy a pair of Sketcher to be signed by him.
 With coach Bart Yasso at the Runnersworld booth, very nice gentleman. This is the only 'celebrity' from Runnersworld that I managed to meet personally,  I missed Bill Rodgers and Dean Karnazes whom made their appearance much earlier.  Sorry sir, due to the few injuries I had before this race, I had no opportunity to try out the Yasso-800 for a time trial.  I will be happy just to finish this race!
Other marathon organizers also took the opportunity to promote their event. Just like back home, medals make perfect bait for medal face runners. And believe me, medal face runners - they are everywhere, not just Malaysia. In this picture, Disney's medals that everyone would likes to collect
This Scandinavian gentleman standing next to me - I used to see him a lots in some of the road races back home  in KL. But I only spoken to once or twice, and never get to  know his name.  I recognized him through his T shirt - how  can you find the  Kinrara Metta Run 2011 T-Shirt in the Boston Expo?  such a small world.  He told me he used to work as an expatriate in KL, but now he is back home in Holland. Shell?
 Huge crowd coming in and out - the expo is free,
so 25,000 plus families you do the math
On the way back to the hotel, we saw the MIT architecture school
 Bibs and goodies - including a packet of jasmine rice?
 Long Sleeve running T instead of vest
Invitation to a carbo loading party and post race party


  1. Got any extra medal you want to let go?u can sell it to me! =)

  2. extra medal, but actually the medal is pretty much the same as other medal, but it's the experience that is unique...u gotta to see it for u self :) - Moey


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