Thursday, June 14, 2012

Laguna Phuket Marathon 2012 - Top 10 Results

Date: 10 Jun 2012
Distance: 42km, 21km and 10.5km
Detail results here

It was a holiday marathon...was looking forward to a good makanthon with the family in Phuket.  Weather has been reported to be bad..pouring for the last few days.  But on race morning it rained heavily around 1.00 am and then stopped for the runners :) . Nice.

Saw many friends and met many new ones in this race. Managed to have a small group photo taken before gun off.  It was wet and muddy at the starting point...not much place to warm up and before we realized we were running on the road.  Weather was rather humid for the first 15 km but got cooler as we progressed.

The terrain was dark and  hilly at certain stretch of the route so there wasn't much view on the first 15km but it was a peaceful, and when it got bright, we realized that we were running besides villages, rubber estates, secondary forest and occasional beach side.

Refreshment stations were plenty...almost one every 3km without fail with water, 100plus and sponge. But unfortunately, instead of paper cups, some water stations used plastic cups...which means not environmental friendly and difficult to drink while on the go. And always at least a marshall can be found at every junction along the route.

This is our first time to experience the Laguna Phuket Marathon, and overall it was still a quality event, although I must say the entry fee is one of the most expensive in the region.  The prize given is a trophy and a Timex watch for each of the top 3 age group of the marathon and half marathon. (Strange but for the 10.5 km, they allocated 5 trophies instead of 3????) May be some of the organizers think that  running 10.5km is harder than full and half marathon.

 10.5km and 42km medal
Group photo before the run
 Runners ran in traditional costume
 10.5km is about to start
 Miss Thailand joined in the charity walk
Had a finishing fight with a runner from Thailand for the 2nd position.
 One picture before we go for our massage
10.5km runners
 42km top men (Thailand) and women (Japan)
 21km top men (Sweden)
 10.5km top men (Loas) and women (Singapore)

 42km top 3 men 40 - 49 age group
 Age group winners line up to get the trophy and Timex watch
 21km female
 10km male
 10km female
 42km male
42km female
 Superman feel tired too
Timex Ironman Race Trainer watch
Timex Ironman 30 Laps Crono watch


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  2. Hi, Thanks for the info. I just signed up for my first race ever here in asia. And your post helped me to get an idea about the race. I just hope its not to hilly :) Im also going to the Supersports 10 Mile Run powered by Thanyapura the 13th of martch 2016.

    If all goes well i might try my first full Marathon in Phuket 2017.

    laguna Phuket International Marathon

    1. All the best and hope you join race in Malaysia in near future.


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