Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coolest Track to Run In

Have you seen the picture of this awesome track somewhere in the internet before?

which run through the forest...

And this?

These pictures are of the same track, and this beautiful track is located at the Nike Campus in the Nike World Headquarters, Beaverton, Portland.

It is also known as Michael Johnson Track.

Obviously there is a statue of Michael Johnson at the track. For the younger folks, Michael Johnson is the legendary retired sprinter.

I believe he still hold the world 400 meters record. Notice the golden spikes on the statue and the person? Must be an awesome athlete this Michael Johnson to have this handsome track named after him.

From the top, the track look like this.

Wouldn't that be so awesome if we have something like this here? We can train anytime of the day, not afraid of the hot afternoon sun.

And especially during hot weather like now?

I think those who knows how to live brings nature to their lives instead of drowning themselves in a world of concrete.


  1. I was very fortunate to have run on this amazing track while working for Intel in Oregon. If you are lucky, you can even bump into some Nike running superstars training there. However back then I only ran on the woodchip trail not the track.

    1. Chin Chin,

      That is so awesome! I heard even now the track is not for public but if they do allow you to run it if you are visiting an employee of Nike. Not sure how true it is....but even to be able to run around the wood chip trail is so cool. Come to think of it, there are alway plenty of nice running locations in every city in the States. Must make a point to run here when we go to Oregon next time.



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