Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shape Night Run 2015 - Top 15 Results

Date: 11 Apr 2015
Distance: 11.2km

Check your result:

A - Men Open - 11.2KM
B - Women Open - 11.2KM
C - Men Jr. Veteran - 11.2KM
D - Men Sr. Veteran - 11.2KM
E - Women Veteran - 11.2KM
F - TEAM - 11.2KM

e-CERT Download (Click Here)

More photos here

Skechers Malaysia Team

12km flag off
5km flag-off
Overall champion
Elite runners from Penang


  1. hi i think u publish the 2nd last pic wrongly, the IC number can see and there's no 14-15 result thanks

  2. Thanks for highlighting, has removed it.


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