Friday, June 10, 2016

Care2Run 2016

The main purpose of this run is to bring awareness towards social community works which will be run on 24th June, day before the Run.
  • Assisting some needy for their old home and this round we have selected an old aged couple without children who are living in an old broken home, we will be fixing their home and providing them a better living. 
  • Supporting refugee children with a continuous food using the bionic waste recycling system. 
  • Street caring for those homeless and underprivileged people on the street.
Date: 25 Jun 2016
Time: 7am
Venue: IJM Bandar Rimbayu, Selangor.
Distance: 5km
Registration fees: RM50
Medal: Finisher medal
Contact: 012-3361935
Closing date:
Details here
Facebook here

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