Friday, June 5, 2009

International Golden Towerthon 2009

Date : 26 July 2009 (sunday)
Time : 7.00 am
Venue : Ground Floor, KL Tower
Fee : Standard & Charitable

This event is on the following day after SHAPE RUN (25/7). Should be no problem ya for runners after 11.5km running at night, then the next morning climb up another 2,058 steps....

International Golden Towerthon 2009 is a special charitable sport event jointly organized by mediPRO Unit (UKMMC), Elderly Society of Hulu Langat and Menara Kuala Lumpur to promote wellness and fitness lifestyle among a very special target group – the ageing population.

This event is advocated based on scientifically proven facts that physical activity helps in minimizing and curing most of biological problem suffered by the elderly people.
All participants are required to climb approximately 2,058 steps to reach the top of this 421 meters tower. The event is categorized into 5 main age categories, that is:

A category (men and women above 70),
B category (men and women 60–69),
C category (men and women 50-59),
D category (men and women 40-49),
X category (men and women below 39).

For purpose of encouraging people towards challenging physical activity and experiencing the real thrill of the 5th tallest telecommunication tower in the world, we are also offering X category (men and women below 39). The proceeds of this event shall be used to build and expand the existing wellness and fitness center for purpose of encouraging more elderly citizen to appreciate physical activity as their important habit and lifestyle towards good health and life satisfaction.

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