Monday, October 19, 2009

Iwata's Farewell Dinner

As you know, Mr. Iwata is going to go back to Japan next month.He has been in Malaysia for 13 years, you could see him wherever you joined a race.
But, you can't see him and miss his pia spirit soon. We plan to have a farewell dinner party for him.
Those who always compete against him would like to enjoy the dinner with him?
Please send email if you wanna join.

Date : 2nd Nov 2009, Monday
Time : 8:30pm ( can come early to chat n drink at 8:00pm )
Venue : Chinese restaurant at Selayang (near FRIM) --- detail will be given later.
Entry Fee: about RM60.00 (it's payable at the dinner day)
Entry close : 27th Oct

Please e-mail your entry with the following information to Mr. Sam Jepun:
Your name :
Your contact number:
Your pax :
*It's a limited seat, please hurry to book your seat.

Those who can't join the dinner can meet Iwata and say good by at the following race.
1. 24th Oct : Kinabalu climbathon at KK
2. 8th Nov : Powerman Malaysia at Lumut
3. 15th Nov : P. Klang 12k run
*** His return flight to Japan is 15th Nov, Sunday. Can you believe him?
He is going to join a race at the last day in Malaysia!
The Secretariat,Mr. Yap Eng Leong : 012-3880482
Mr. Sam Jepun : 012-2695309
If you need more information, please call the above

courtesy from PMTey

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