Monday, April 18, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011

Date: 16 Apr 2011
Venue: SIC
Time: 7:45pm

ENR come, ENR go.
Excitement come, excitement go.
Nightmare come, nightmare go.

For those who did not sign-up  for this race, for a full marathoner, it was a night running in circle and in the dark..hahaha..luckily there was illumination from the moonlight amidst the cloud.  The route is not that flat as expected, repeating a few rolling slopes for 5 times before can enter the track again.  It was a unique experience.

Much comments and complaints have been posted at FB and blogs, now the ball is in the organiser's court, every participant is eyeing on them to see how they going to settle the mess.

Some of the chaotic moments:

1. Organiser directed runners to go through the paddock tunnel (going down the staircase, cross through the tunnel and going up again), in order to queue up to get the headlight. The tunnel is so stuffy and narrow and it was the worst place to distribute the item. For those who has collected theirs, did not know and for no purpose queued up in order to go to the carnival area. For those who entered from another entrance (walked through the tunnel) missed their headlight.

2. Only 2 counters open to handle 10,000 participants luggage and moreover open late, you may imagine the long queue.

3. All the 11km and 21km runners squeezed and queuing on the narrow timing chip carpet area to get ribbon (Staring point picture below), It caused a long queue especially for those who came back later and the ribbon has served no purpose. There should have special lane for each distance.

4. As there was no proper lane for each distance, runners do not know where is the finishing line, no proper signage and instruction where to go after finishing and where to get their finisher meda, so some runners merayau-rayau on the track, some standing, some waiting for their friend, taking photos, resulted that the finishing line full of runners. Official cannot identify and taking timing of the winners, moreover the environment was dark, can't see properly which category and their bib no. Resulted that winners like Arul has to shout and looked for official to acknowledge them that he is one of the winners. This problem can be solved if every runners has the timing chip.

5. Everyone by now should know the chaotic during the goodies collection. Due to the unpacked goodies, where volunteers last minutes put in the finisher medal, t-shirt and certificate, caused a almost 300m - 400m long queue for 11km and 5.5km. Many runners waited for so long but still unable to get their goodies. So some inpatient runners started to make noise and compliant. The chaotic started when some runners crab the goodies bags from the floor (unpack but have few items from sponsors) and throw to the crowd. It caused havoc as all runners break-up from the queue and push to the front try to get their share. The situation is out of control and the organiser has to close the gate and called the police to calm down the situation. Many did not managed to get their finisher medal. The organiser promised to courier to all the runners. Extra courier cost. But how about those runners who already got their goodies, does it means they will get double? This problem would not happen if they pre-packed the goodies.

6. Water is provided with the goodies. Long queue waited to get the goodies, so if you get no goodies no water. Have to walk to the carnival area to get the Gatorade. Even full marathoners came back also no water provided at the finishing line.

7. No paramedic standby at the finishing line. They only ran over to the track when needed. Ambulance has to drive in to the track to carry runners.

8. For full marathon, runners only get 2 ribbon out of total 5 ribbons as the ribbon is out of stock. Many runners lost count how many loops they have done, heard that some ran extra loop, there is almost 6.5km. Water station was badly handled, small table and not enough volunteer to handle the 21km crowd. No proper tong sampah for runners to throw the cups, bottles and tins, so rubbish is everywhere, dangerous to 42km runners as they needed to run 5 loop outside and the route was dark. Luckily the moonlight help.

9. No marshall and signage for full marathoner when turn back to the track. Many runners lost near the car park area. Informed the official, but they still did not send anyone there to guide. Subsequent runners also lost their way. Also no water for last 5km which is important for full marathon.

10. Those full marathoner who came back later, only Gatorade and Transformer were still there. Other sponsors already packed and balik rumah, the stage were so quiet, and that is only at 12 midnight. But there were still many marathoners coming back whilst other may still have another final track loop to go. When leaving SIC on 12.30am,we saw some runners running at the beginning of a new loop outside. Can't imagine what will happened to the last runner who came back. Did any official waited for him / her? Were there sweepers? How will the sweeper sweep in the dark? Hope everyone made it safe.

11. No announcement from the organizer that they are going to arrange another day for prize presentation. Winners wasting time waiting for no purpose.

12. As it was very late and worried that the paddock tunnel might be closed, so decided to walk using alternative way, but it was 1km away from the car park. After running for 42km, still need to walk for another 1km in the dark? Luckily there was a kind Malay gentleman (young boy in Rela uniform) willing let me tumpang his motorbike to get the car. Imagined those who are not so lucky.

More photos here
The Star news here
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Starting point
 Group from Penang
 Group from Ipoh
 42km flag off
 11km flag-off
 21km flag-off
Lucky Daniel got 9th in 11km men open and
managed to collect his medal, cert and finisher t-shirt.

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  1. cheers bro.

    luckily, there were a few volunteers still there at the water station (this is around 1.30 in the morning). water still there at the last water station (near the finishing line). arrived just before 2am.

    im not sure bout the last one, but i was one of the few @ the back.


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