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Great Eastern Live Great Run 2013 – Check Your Result

Together we achieve a better life!
Thousands of participants ran for a healthier, better and longer life!

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 September 2013 – Participants of the Great Eastern Live Great Run 2013 found themselves weaving though a mini labyrinth, and jumping over road obstacles formed by water barriers, in run that is like no other. Organised by Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad (Great Eastern Life), the event saw close to 4,500 participants test their endurance in a 12km individual run and a 3km team fun-filled run at Menara MATRADE here in Kuala Lumpur.

The run was flagged off by Mr Christopher Wei, Group Chief Executive Officer of Great Eastern Holdings Limited, Y. Bhg. Datuk Kamaruddin bin Taib and Mr Lee Kong Yip, Directors of Great Eastern Life, as well as Y. Bhg. Dato Koh Yaw Hui, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Great Eastern Life.  The 12km race route took runners past the parts of the scenic Bukit Tunku, Lebuhraya Mahameru, Jalan Kuching and Persiaran Dutamas while the 3km runners sprinted past immediate surrounding areas of Menara MATRADE, such as Jabatan Kastam and Eksis Diraja Malaysia.

The Live Great Run 2013 is the largest event under Great Eastern Life’s Live Great Programme, a unique programme that is dedicated to help Malaysians live healthier, better and longer for the ones they love.

“At Great Eastern Life, we want to inspire our customers to lead a healthy lifestyle by being both physically and mentally fit. However, like life, the run presented some unexpected twists and turns, which the participants had to overcome. We want to reinforce the message that we can overcome challenges in life if we focus our heart and mind into it,” said Dato Koh Yaw Hui, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Great Eastern Life.

Another highlight of the run was the fun-filled 3km run, where 2 participants had to team up and wear a single oversized t-shirt to run in tandem. Lucky 3km runners also walked away with prizes under fun categories, which included the “Biggest Age Gap Team”, “Best Headgear” and “Best Dance Moves”.

All runners were treated to some light refreshments after the run. Lending excitement to the event were the presence of Capital FM’s Liang and Red FM’s Linora as well as exciting performances by Voice of Percussion, beat boxer Joniel and cheerleaders MickeyMitez.

The Live Great Run 2013 was also supported by sponsors OCBC Bank; the official bank, Brooks; the official apparel partner, GNC Livewell; the official nutrition partner, 100 Plus; the official hydration partner and Anlene; the official dairy partner. Other partners on board are Milo, Nestle Fitnesse, Eagle Brand, Perskindol, Yogood, Nin Jiom, BMS Organics, Munchy’s Oat Krunch, 2XU Compression, Rocktape, Boost Juice, Celebrity Fitness, Athlete’s Circle, BP Healthcare and Omron.                                            



The list of winners based on categories is as follows:
1.    Live Great Run 2013 – 12km Men's Open
1st Prize Winner:   Thomas Maritim                      Kenya             (00:37:27.92)
2nd Prize Winner: James Maregu                        Kenya              (00:37:46.42)
3rd Prize Winner:   Kimosop Collins Kipkorir         Kenya              (00:37:47.62)
4th Prize Winner:   James Tallam Kurgat            Kenya              (00:39:13.96)
5th Prize Winner:   Serem Keneth Kipksgei          Kenya              (00:39:19.36)

2.    Live Great Run 2013 – 12km Men's Junior Veteran
1st Prize Winner:   Jean-Pierre Lautredoux          France             (00:41:25.48)
2nd Prize Winner:  Charles Kimingi Thaiya           Kenya              (00:41:56.43)
3rd Prize Winner:   Mark John Williams                UK                   (00:45:07.36)
4th Prize Winner:   Lim Khon Seng                       Malaysia          (00:47:29.21)
5th Prize Winner:   Rozmi Bin Yunus                    Malaysia          (00:50:22.62)

3.    Live Great Run 2013 – 12km Men's Senior Veteran
1st Prize Winner:   Khir Bin Salleh                        Malaysia          (00:47:24.71)
2nd Prize Winner:  Khor Ngee Long                      Malaysia          (00:51:18.71)
3rd Prize Winner:   Lim Kian Huat                         Malaysia          (00:51:55.16)
4th Prize Winner:   Tan Wah Sing                         Malaysia          (00:52:54.72)
5th Prize Winner:   Tan Eng Huat                          Malaysia          (00:52:58.72)

4.    Live Great Run 2013 – 12km Women's Open
1st Prize Winner:   Esther Wambui                       Kenya              (00:43:16.20)
2nd Prize Winner:  Jackline Musyawa Nzivo        Kenya              (00:44:55.61)
3rd Prize Winner:   Susan Jemutai Chepkwony   Kenya              (00:47:47.21)
4th Prize Winner:   Noor Amelia Binti Musa          Malaysia          (00:48:04.71)
5th Prize Winner:   Cecilia Wangui Warutumo      Kenya              (00:49:38.96)

5.    Live Great Run 2013 – 12km Women's Junior Veteran
1st Prize Winner:   Yuan Yu Fang                         Malaysia          (00:53:15.15)
2nd Prize Winner:  Rachel Pepper                        New Zealand   (00:55:34.36)
3rd Prize Winner:   Yuka Takehiro                                    Japan              (00:59:46.13)
4th Prize Winner:   Lim Hooi Kheng                      Malaysia          (01:00:01.21)
5th Prize Winner:   Lorna Wong                            Malaysia          (01:02:41.96)

6.    Live Great Run 2013 – 12km Women's Senior Veteran
1st Prize Winner:   Susan Khoo                            UK                   (00:54:55.40)
2nd Prize Winner:  Julie Foreman                         UK                   (00:56:54.86)
3rd Prize Winner:   Lian Bee Hoon                        Malaysia          (01:02:03.88)
4th Prize Winner:   Goh Kim Hong Maggie           Malaysia          (01:02:25.96)
5th Prize Winner:   Leong Sui Lin                          Malaysia          (01:07:04.89)

7. Live Great Run 2013 – Winners of the Biggest Age Gap
1st Prize Winner:   Chiew Yoke Mui (60) & Chrisytn Chew Li Ling (25), 35 years gap
2nd Prize Winner:  Lee Amoi (62) & Tang Soke Yee (30), 32 years 6 months gap
3rd Prize Winner:   Navamani Krishnan (52) & Anusha Arumugam (20), 32 years 1 month gap

8. Live Great Run 2013 – Winners of the Best Head Gear:
1st Prize Winner:   Wan Zarina Biwn Abd Rahman & Wan Dalina Biwn Abd Rahman

9. Live Great Run 2013 – Winners of the Best Dance Move:

1st Prize Winner:   Rose & Fajar

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