Friday, April 25, 2014


OMNI FREEZE ZERO – Sweat Activated Cooling

OMNI-Freeze® ZERO is known as the industry leading cooling technology and it’s the latest innovation by Columbia in keeping you cool. The OMNI-Freeze® blue ring concentrate on a cooling agent close to your skin and capitalizing on your sweat to lower the temperature of the overall fabric, it accelerate the wicking process and prolonged cooling. This sweat active cooling technology is the coolest invention yet it is how hot people stay cool.

OMNI-Freeze® ZERO, a state-of-the-art technology is ideal for hot and humid climate for all sort of fun filled outdoor activities. Wearing the apparel when you are hot, it will keep you cool in reaching your goal and pushing the limit of your boundary.

The OMNI-Freeze® ZERO technology is embedded throughout apparel seen in short sleeve, long sleeve, baselayer, sleeveless and accessories appealing to both genders. Manifestation of the OMNI-Freeze® ZERO have been proven and utilized by outdoors enthusiast who perform deep sea fishing, trail running, seeking fun hiking route and enjoy the simple pleasure of outdoor lifestyle.

OMNI-Freeze® ZERO will inspire you to explore, live and breathe the air of the greater outdoor. The SS14 collection is now available in-store at World of Sports, World of Outdoors and Urban Adventure.

Columbia is a leading global brand innovator since 1938 based in Portland Oregon, specializing in footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. MORE DETAILS HERE

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