Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Skechers GOMeb Speed 2

The Skechers GOMeb Speed has always been one of my favorite racing ride since they were introduced last year and I have really grown to love these lightweight racers especially in my 10k races. They perform so well as racing flats with the low profile, light weight and firm midsole, that I have worn off 2 pairs just within last year alone (covering about 1100 kms) for both racing and speed training.  So it really exciting when I get to try the replacement, i.e. GOMeb Speed 2 from Skechers.

A quick comparison between the first and second generation of GOMeb Speed shows that the Speed 2 does not feature the loud bright contrast colors as it's predecessor, but you won't missed recognizing the Speed 2 that stands out as a pair of very fast looking racing flats at the Skechers shop.

Without looking at the technical literature of the Speed 2, I feels that there are no changes made in the midsole; both the GOMeb Speed and Speed 2 has the same mid-sole in terms of physical design and material. They both have the same feel when you run in them, very firm landing with sufficient support yet very responsive during lift off, a feature that all fast shoes should have.  And the stability plate is still there, which I believes is one of the reason why these shoes are so responsive.

But there are major updates and changes made to the materials used for the shoe's upper and tongue. These changes for me seems to be a very appropriate, they are well engineered with simplified design, and minimal but yet improvement is significant.  The Speed 2 upper is made of a different material; some kind of synthetic fabric that is non-elastic and thin of which I suspect contributes to the 'light weight' of these shoes.

Even the construction is different as it is seamless with the supporting structure imprinted onto the upper instead of being sew on, so there is very minimal stitching found in the upper of the shoes. This is good news for sock-less runners because seam less also means less chaffing.

I find that the material used in Speed 2 does not retain moisture and in fact they dry up pretty quickly; another plus point which means it will stay lightweight throughout during longer races such as a full and half marathon.

In terms of fit and comfort, the thinner upper with the ventilating pores seems to make these shoes give a cooling feel, and this is definitely a plus for fast runners in hotter climate like us. Both generations of Speed are designed based for racing so they offer the typical snug fit feel just like most racing shoes, and therefore you might want to try properly when you chose you sizing.

During the recent races I had a good chat with the members of Team Skechers Malaysia about the Speed 2 and we all agreed that these shoes were great performers especially the weight of the shoes.

There are a few colors to choose from but seems like blue is popular.

Unless you got yourself a pair of limited edition like bro Murali here which is in black and gold.

So far I really enjoyed racing in them plus they have so delivered great results in most of the races.

And the ladies version of the GOMeb Speed 2 are really gorgeous with the metallic color theme. Overall, without being too technical, I must say that the GOMeb Speed2 is a must to try if you are looking for a pair of snug fitting, light weight, responsive racing flats.

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