Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Running Workshop from Skechers Performance

Some of you have asked where to get good run training to become better runners.

Skechers Performance running workshop will be an excellent choice; because besides being a complimentary workshop; it is a very fun and informal gathering to learn refreshing running tips where the training sessions are lead by professional fitness coach such as Coach Olya (KuMoves) and supported by a great running company like Skechers.

The group meet every other Saturday (for the dates please stay updated on the website or Skechers FB page and the next one is this Saturday 21 June 2014.)  The workshop is designed for both beginners and serious runners.  And the best part is each session is conducted differently; from sprinting to endurance to strength to competition, so it is always refreshing.

And at the beginning of each session, different aspects of running are discussed and shared; from stretching, nutrition to performance improvement, etc.

Besides the actual running workshop, Skechers Performance also publishes videos that provide great insights and tips on strength as well as running specific drills. We have previous shared their strength drill series previously and now here are some of the recent running drill videos.


Drill 1 which focus more on running movements.


Drill 2 which talks about agility and acceleration

and Drill 3 which talks about 'T' drill.

So there are plenty of good reasons to attend the workshop! And the next one is this coming Saturday 21 June 2014.

You can register here for your free slot and for more info too.

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