Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bukit Kepayang Blossom Run 2012 - Top 10 Official Results

Date: 26 Feb 2012
Distance: 9km

This was 2nd year event which last year was only 200+ participants and this year was 300+. The route was hilly and over distance. The registration fees was cheap, RM12 for adult and RM6 for junior, but still unable to attract more runners, it maybe due to limited t-shirt and only 10 medals were provided. There were other events like Rotary Club Jogathon, Walk for Children, Larian Mesra Rakyat happened at the same day.

There were many marshall and police control traffic and light breakfast was also provided. The only area to improve is to start the prize presentation earlier. The organizer should cut-off the warm down and dancing session as not many runners were interested in it. Also should cut down some speeches (3 speeches totally), so that the prize presentation and lucky draw session can be carried out earlier and smoothly. BTW 10 hand phones were provided as lucky draw prizes.

Anyway thanks to the organizer and volunteers in successfully organized the event and hopefully it will become annual event as what the organizer promised.

More photos here

Seremban runners

Women open top 10
Women veteran 10 top
Men open top 10
Men veteran 10 top
Girls junior top 10
Boys junior top 10
Women open
Women veteran
Men open
Men veteran
Girls junior
Boys junior

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