Sunday, February 12, 2012

MSS Selangor Cross Country 2012 - Young Barefoot Runners

Date: 2 Feb 2012
Time: 9am
Venue: UPM

This year MSSS cross country was held at UPM farm. There were 10 Selangor Districts took part in the event which divided to 6 categories and represented by 6 students in each category.  The starting point was inside the farm near to a lake as UPM disallowed them to use UPM stadium as students might make noise which would disturbed their staff. The reason was really unacceptable as there were less than 400 secondary and primary students taking part. As such, students have to walk from the farm gate to the lake and warm up at the muddy field. Even thought it is only 6km but the event should start early instead of at 9am which the sun has already high up.

Noticed that there were some young barefoot runners, without fear ran on the muddy and rocky road, salute to them. According to their teacher, shoe were provided but they can't performance and run well with shoe.

More photos here

Students walked from this gate
Walked through the road
Klang's participants warm-up to the starting point
Young bare foot runners ran and walked
on the rocky ground to starting line
Runners from Sabak Bernam
Petaling Utama runners warm-up at the muddy place
Runners from Petaling Perdana
Runners from Hulu Langat
Teachers preparing the starting line using spray
Preparing for the plaster 'shoe'  - Kuala Langat

Waiting for the event to start at 9am
Runners to draw for the starting line number
Ready to pecut
Runners greeted by cows
Many runners injured during the run.
Some serious cases sent to hospital

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